Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Review Day: Chewy.Com's Evanger's Beef Heart Cat & Dog Treats

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Hi Everyone,

Today is time for my monthly Chewy.com review, this month had a ton of great products to choose from, but ultimately I chose Evanger's Beef Heart Treats, because it is suppose to help strengthen cats's heart muscles and to help with HCM, as both Nico and Renato died of weak hearts. 30% of Ragdoll cats have (or carry) this deadly disease.

These are meant for both cats and dogs, but judging on my experience with these treats, I think they're more aimed at dogs than cats, they claim to be "gently dried", they're not; they're rock hard. I had to let them soak in near boiling hot water, chop them with a kitchen knife, hit them with a rock (no joke) and let them re-soak for another 30 minutes, and.....AND....still hard as a rock!! Star showed absolute no interest in these, Saphira liked them a little in the beginning, but they weren't a huge hit for long, Anya loved these, but they were too hard for her to chew up; no cat (wild or house) can chew side ways, only up and down. Plus Anya's mouth is tiny. They made Anya vomit in 20 minutes after eating them. The smell of these treats is also terrible. But on the bright side, they're all natural and only one ingredient (cow heart), they're a little pricer though; $12 dollars for a 3.5 oz canister.

Anya likes these.

Why is this side ways?

I have no clue how this winded up side ways, but this company has over 75 years of selling these.



Get ready!
Almost done!

100% ready (and chopped) for the kitties.

Yes, Saphira is actually eating a treat in this photo; she likes to take hers out of her food bowl\dish to eat.

For Saphira.

Yep. That's a cow's heart I am holding. What a trooper LOL.

If you have the time to soak, cut\chop, and serve then these are a wonderful treat or food topper. I've never been the kind of person to over feed or give too many treats to my animals, but I felt good giving them these.


* Fast shipping

* Great customer service (as always!)

* All natural -- only one single ingredient.

* Anya loves them

* Made in the USA


* Made Anya vomit

* Terrible smell

* Pricey

* Too hard

I *may* buy these again. Maybe. The cats and I rate these 3 stars.

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. It seems like you had to spend a lot of time just getting them so your kitties could eat those treats. Zoe does not even have any teeth, so I'm no sure we would ever try these. But thanks for the thorough review! :)

  2. Ick- am too lazy to soak and cut them, plus I wouldn't want to deal with the smell.


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