Sunday, April 12, 2015

An End Has a Start......

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Hi Everyone,

I think people are wanting to know what I had in store for them today, well it is *hopefully* going to be about a new Ragdoll kitten. The kitten was born 4-7-2015 or 4-8-2015? (the breeder was not home at the time of birth). Since both parents are Colorpoint, the kitten is also Colorpoint (a Colorpoint x Colorpoint will only produce more Colorpoints), so the kitten will either be a Seal Colorpoint (fingers crossed!) or a Blue Colorpoint, the mom is a Seal Colorpoint (Champion Ragdoll) and the dad is a Blue Colorpoint. Dad is Prince Charming and was born 7-16-2014, the mom is Angie and was born 12-26-2008, the dad's date of birth is the same day of Nico and Anya's father (7-16-2005), the day Nico was cremated. That makes me sad, because Nico was cremated on the same day of this kitten's father's birthday. Nico was also cremated on his and Anya's father's birthday. Hmm....

By the way, the kitten is a female with no siblings. I need to wait at least 8 more weeks to be sure of her quality. The breeder said she'd text weekly pictures of her. I am already falling in love with this cat and she's only 5 - 4 days old, without me or the breeder knowing her color (all Ragdolls are born completely white and gain their color at 1-2 weeks of age) but I already know her pattern because of genetics, Colorpoint. I am hoping she will be mine to call my own :-)

My two beautiful babies. Anya my Blue Mitted female (left) and Nico my Blue Bicolor male (right) RIP Nico.

Ragdoll Mommy~


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