Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Weekly Ragdoll: Why I Stopped Using Crystal Cat Litter

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Hi Everyone,

I am really loving my new idea of Weekly Ragdoll! This post is about why I stopped using crystal cat litter and the dangers of it...

Crystal cat litter or silica gel litter, is non- clumping, and an expensive litter; expect to pay anywhere from $10 - $13 dollars for a 5lb bag. The brand of crystal litter we used was Mimi, $3 dollars for a 4lb bag, it came from Wal-mart and was made in China (one of the reasons why we stopped using it). I know of no brand of crystal litter that is made in the USA, all are made in China. Crystal litter has been associated with asthma in humans and cats, urinary issues in cats, lung cancer in both cats and humans, lung failure in cats, renal (kidney) issues in cats, birth defects in pregnant cats, and poisoning in young kittens who may eat the litter out of general curiosity, and more!!

Creators of crystal cat litters claim that their litters are non-toxic. Such is not the case. I was reading an article about this family who put their cat down after $4,000 dollars of trying to fix their poisoned cat.
Credits to whoever took this photo.

I love crystal litter, but due to health concerns for me and my cats, I probably will not use again.

Ragdoll Mommy~

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