Friday, May 15, 2015

Kitten Update!

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Hi Everyone,

Today is an update on the kitten that will **hopefully** be mine. We will find out for sure in 2 to 3 more weeks. I will keep the blog updated. She just turned 5 weeks old on Wednesday. She is a female Blue Colorpoint Ragdoll kitten, so she'll look just like her dad (Prince Charming is also a blue Colorpoint Ragdoll and just got his Champion tittle not too long ago), to get a good idea what she'll look like as an adult, picture Anya but without white and gray where she is white.

Beautiful Angie (kitten's mom) born 12-26-2008, she is a Seal Colorpoint Ragdoll like Tadpole was. And, then there is the Blue Colorpoint female kitten that will hopefully be mine. I love her gray points.

Beautiful sapphires.

3 weeks old.

4 weeks old.

3 weeks old and lying next to mom Angie.

~ 3 week old fluffy polar bear. ~

Nice profile. Mom Angie is in the bottom right hand corner.

4 weeks old.

4 weeks old.

4 weeks old.

3 week old teddy bear.

4 week old baby with mom Angie.

Like sapphires.

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. Oh, how cute. Mommy is going "squeeeeeee"! I can't stop her from ooh-ing and awww-ing.
    Hope everything is a-okay!

  2. She is stunning- I hope you can get her.


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