Friday, May 8, 2015

Review Day: Chewy.Com's FURMinator Dual Pet Hair Brush

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Hi Everyone,

Today is a review of the FURMinator Dual Pet Hair Brush, this brush is intended solely for dogs, but I didn't realize that until I already got it, oh well. I do like this brush, it is double sided too; one side is pin, the other side is "natural". I did not like the pin side, it caught very little fur and irritated Anya's skin, I do like the natural side though, it is course and dense, perfect for shorthaired animals or silky, it got a good amount of dead fur off of the cats, but Anya the most. I even use the natural side to clean my curtains! It works wonders to remove cat hair from my 3 girls. Saphira, who borderline hates being brushed liked this brush and would let me brush her. Star loves it as a facial message brush! lol. Anya likes it for her weekly brushing.

Shortly after I got Nico and Anya, we got them a FURMinator Longhaired Cat Deshedding Tool Brush for $60 dollars when it first came out. I hated it! I threw it out 1 year later. It cut poor Nico's skin, messed up his fur (it was never like before after we used it), and the teeth of the brush starting snagging on whiskers and claws. I am still not a big fan of FURMinator because of this, this brush that I am reviewing now isn't that bad, but this will likely be the last thing I will ever use from FURMinator. Do not use any deshedding brush on Ragdoll cats! It screws up their beautiful silky coat.

Before I opened the FURMinator Dual Pet Hair Brush.

Anya being brushed with the pin side --- not too happy, I just woke her up.

"Natural" side.
Pin brush with a tiny clump of Anya fur.

Natural side clearly picks up more hair than pin.

Cat fur brushed out of the curtains in my room. Yuck!

Pin brush side.

Saphira with our April's Chewy.Com reviews.

Pin brushing going through Anya's back hair.

Brush in it's case in my art bag.

Case. Pain to put together!

Anya being brushed with the natural side now. Happy cat.

Brush in case.
* As of 5-7-2015 (when this post was written), the FURMinator Dual Pet Hair Brush is out of stock on Chewy.Com.


Chewy.Com has now requested me that I leave a notice on all reviews I do for them starting from this one. I was given a FREE product of my choice in an exchange for a review post. 


* Fast shipping.

* Great customer service (as always).

* Good priced ($9.34)

* Works well.

* Grip handle.

* Double side\two choices -- pin and natural.

* Saphira, who borderline hates being brush liked it.

* Comes with black hard shell case.


* The natural hairs on the natural side of the brush sheds it's own hair.

* When you pull out the fur on the natural brush you also pull out it's own hairs.

* Terrible chemical plastic-y smell.

* FURMinator sticker is coming off.

* Brush's case is almost impossible to put together!!

PS: Kitten turned 1 month old today. Come back next Friday for an update and pics!

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. We use the Furminator for short hair kitties, and all I have to do is wave it in the air and Quinn comes running. There is an immediate deep purr when I start using it. The only thing she hates is having her belly done, and I respect that.

  2. Thank you for your honest review. I can't wait to see more kitten photos.


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