Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Weekly Ragdoll: Why Plastic Bowls are a Big No-No for Your Cat

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Hi Everyone,

This weekly post is about plastic food and water bowls and why they can mean bad news for your kitty.

Cat with plastic bowl.

A few weeks before I brought Renato home in August ( I got him 8-31-2014), I had been burning a hole through my pockets in order to buy him his "welcome-home" things, (next Thursday I'll write about the costs of Renato and getting a kitten), I bought him a high protein bag of kitten food (Blue Buffalo Kitten Healthy Growth or something along the lines of that lol), toys, a collar, food and water bowls, etc. I had planned on buying him this adorable two-in-one blue fish plastic bowl for him, it was only $3 dollars too! Sounds good right? Well, did you know that plastic bowls give some cats and kittens feline acne? Yeah, it's not just for teenagers! ( I hardly ever got acne), plastic (any plastic) leaks toxic chemicals into things, and yes, that does include your cat's food or water that they eat and drink out of. Star, Anya, Tadpole, and Renato were never bothered by plastic bowls, but Saphira and Nico got feline acne from it. Due to this matter, I bought Renato stainless steel bowls instead. Plastic (over time) gets teeny tiny holes in it and holds a lot of bacteria, it can also hold smells in it that you may not be able to smell, but your cat or dog can. Nico and Anya always had plastic water bowls to drink out of, but these bowls are different than the traditional plastic bowls, these are dishwasher safe and heavy. I like these, these did not bother Nico.

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. Excellent post :) This is a very common allergy that so many still don;t know about. Several of my 15 are allergic so we use glass bowls.

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