Sunday, May 31, 2015

Would You Let Your Cat Have Kittens?

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Yes, I am fully aware of the thousands of animals euthanized in shelters around the United States a year, but would you let your cat have a litter of adorable kittens? Maybe just once?

The Blue Colorpoint female Ragdoll I have been talking about on my blog (if I get her that is) she will be a breeder cat. She is a TICA, purebred Ragdoll cat, with an amazing pedigree! Especially on her dad's side. I am very excited to finally becoming a reputable Ragdoll cat breeder, I still need a male Ragdoll and at least two other females though. I will be a small, cage less cattery of 2-4 cats max. I am also going to show my Ragdolls in TICA.

So...just exactly why am I doing this you ask? To improve Ragdoll cats! To breed out HCM, make healthy lines and cats, to enjoy my animals, to win in the show halls, and to have the wonderful kittens and Ragdolls running around me.

Honestly, I don't care whatever someone's animal is spayed or neutered, or if you want your dog or cat to have puppies or kittens. As long as all of the animals are being loved and cared for and if you're working to improve a specific breed (like I am), then all the better! And, before anyone gets pissy with me, remember that 98% of cats in the world are stray cats (like Star and Saphira, but I can't help but to love them!) and only 2% are purebred cats. So don't tell me I am adding to the problem, that I didn't start, because you cannot control nature! ;-)

So, what do you think?

PS: More photos of this beautiful baby will be posted soon, so stay tune.
Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. You have a very healthy view on breeding, and I wish you tons of success. More reputable breeders are VERY needed.
    Quinnie came already fixed. As did brandi. But since I got them at one years old I often wonder if they had had kittens before they were rescued.

  2. If you can breed cats and put them in loving homes, then you absolutely should do it. My daughters want a ragdoll more than anything, but we've still got a crazy tabby cat right now. Maybe we'll take a lovely ragdoll off your hands in a few years :)


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