Thursday, June 18, 2015

Review Day: Nutro's Perfect Portions Salmon and Tuna Canned Cat Food

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Hi Everyone,

Today we are reviewing the Nutro's Perfect Portions Salmon and Tuna Canned Cat Food from, it comes in a variety of flavors including: Salmon and Tuna (what I picked to review for my 3 girls), Chicken, Turkey, and Chicken and Shrimp. All the flavors come in a case of 24, they are made to be broken up from the middle to offer 2 portions (that adds up to 48 from a two pack of 24 cans in any flavor) which is awesome and great for traveling! These have been a life-savor, we recently moved houses 40 miles from where we originally had our place and I brought Saphira with me, I did not have the time to dig through a ton of boxes to find a bowl to server her food from, so I just fed her it from the container of the Nutro's can, a little bit more narrow than her actual food bowl, but it certainly worked okay!

All 3 cats love this food, but it gave Saphira diarrhea. I now only give this food to Star and Anya whom are fine on it. I usually give this food to them mixed with their dry food, and Saphira does okay on it that way. One thing I hated about this food is that it reaks. And, I mean it just freaking smells terrible; picture 12 day old rotten fish left out in a plastic trash can in 90 degree weather. Then open the can. Yuck! Here in north Florida, we have been receiving 90 - 95 and up degree weather, I do not appreciate taking out the trash in this weather only to open the can and smell that terrible fish smell! On the flip side, the cats do love this food and the ingredients are great! If you're looking for a little to no smell canned cat food with great ingredients, then I highly recommend using Tiki Cat. We reviewed a 12 case in 2014.


* Nutro actually owns their own company. Unlike many brands that claim that they do, when in reality they don't.

* No corn for Star's allergies.

* Great size and perfect for traveling with.

* Easy to use and open (does not require a can opener, you simply peal the label off. Easy-peasy).

* Fast shipping.

* Great customer service ( as always, I have never ever received a cold reply from and they are quick to fix any problems I had).

* All 3 cats love the taste.


* Gave Saphira diarrhea.

* Smells terrible!

* Made the cats' poop smell worse and gave them gunky eyes and ears.

Ragdoll Mommy~

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