Saturday, July 25, 2015

Happy 4 Months Old to Zayd!

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Hi Everyone,

This is a really emotional thing for me to go through; Zayd is the age Renato died at, 4 months old. Not only because Zayd has outlived Renato, but also because I am horrified of HCM, which is what killed both Nico and Renato, but I trust that Zayd's breeder is ethical and didn't screw me over when I got Zayd.

Although poor little Renato died at the tender age of just 4 months old, I have great confidence that Zayd (who turned 4 months old today) will, in no doubt, outlive Renato.

This little guy (who isn't so 'little' anymore) now weighs 8.2 lbs and he is only 4 months old! He hit 8 lbs at 3 months old though :)
Zayd is a male Blue Colorpoint Ragdoll.
Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. Zayd is beautiful! hoping he continues to be healthy.

  2. Zayd is so handsome. We purr that he continues to do well.

  3. Zayd is a seriously handsome dude! Happy 4 months old day to him!

  4. Happy 4 months! Continue to grow strong and healthy and love your mommy lots and lots!

  5. Zayd is gorgeous, what a sweet boy! We love the name you have chosen for him, Congratulations on your new kitten!


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