Thursday, August 20, 2015

Review Day: Catit Bench Cat Scratcher from

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Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the delay in having some blog posts put out for this week. I have been way too busy starting a new website for my Ragdoll cat cattery -- but don't fret....Life with Ragdolls will still be an active site. :)

I was given another great opportunity to work with to bring you our latest review -- the Catit Bench Scratcher with Catnip. This scratcher is available for $7.99, the whole thing is essentially made of cardboard. It measures exactly 19 inches, it is capable of seating a 10lb adult cat like Saphira, but my two Ragdolls who weigh 13lbs (Anya) and 12lbs (Zayd) just won't fit on it too well, it is too short for Anya to lay acrossed and she is just too heavy for it. Ragdolls are BIG cats. Twice the size of those little tiny regular cats like Saphira. Star is even too heavy and long for this scratcher. Star is not very tall, she is short and muscular and weighs about 12lbs. If you have a little cat or kitten in between the weight of 1 - 10lbs you should be okay with buying one of these, but it is a hit or miss with a large cat like a Ragdoll, Maine Coon, Ragamuffin, etc. For whatever reason I am unaware of is that Zayd will not get on this scratcher and he doesn't really like it much either. My three girls, however, love this thing, especially Star and Anya. In fact they like it so much that it often results in a fight over 'who- gets- what' kind of thing, in the end it is typically Star who wins since she is the one with claws, but sometimes she is nice and gives Anya a turn. :)

Catit Bench Cat Scratcher arrival.

This pattern is on both sides.

Star is a f*cking wolverine!! She did this to it within 2 minutes. :)

Now that I have put it here out of the middle of the walk way, Star won't use it, haha.

Anya is too big for this little 'bench'.


* The girls love it.

* Sturdy.

* Came with catnip.

* Fast shipping.

* Great customer service (as always).

* Good priced.

* Great travel scratching post.


* Zayd doesn't like it.

* Not ideal for cats over 10lbs such as Ragdolls.

* Sometimes it tips over.

* Slides on floor.

* The catnip it came with went all over the floor when I put it on the scratcher, it leaked through the littles cardboard holes in it.

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. Good point about the nip falling through. The scratchers like that usually have a bottom piece and that doesn't seem to.

  2. My kitties have always loved cardboard scratchers. That one does look too small for a larger kitty. And I prefer the ones that can be flipped over and used on both sides. But it is cute and smaller cats/kittens would probably love it.


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