Thursday, October 22, 2015

Love is Blind....But so is My Cat

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Angel is a 12 year old Chinchilla Silver Persian cat that I rescued from a man that neglected her so severely to the point that she cannot even walk correctly. She is 100% blind in her right eye and 90% blind in her left eye (she only sees shadows in her left eye, but not enough to distinguish objects). She is thought to have ear infections in both of her ears and maybe a upper respiratory infection, she is severely matted, very dirty, and reeks of cigarettes. She was born in a kitty mill with over 200 cats and kittens crammed into tiny cages, Angel was so sick as a kitten that both of her eyes developed eye infections and were left untreated until she went blind in both eyes. Angel was declawed by her 'breeder' and when Angel (formerly named Ugly) failed to have kittens due to her poor health, the breeder threw her out in the streets to fend for herself. Blind, declawed, and helpless. Animal control found her and brought her to a shelter where a man and his wife adopted her and brought her home, they kept her for over 12 years until the wife was killed in a car accident with the man's two kids. Dispute all this, the best thing her owner thought to do was to put his dead wife's 12 year old cat to sleep! I rescued Angel just in time as she was due to be euthanized within 48 hours.

Warning: while I did not take close up pictures of Angel's 'worst' things, these photos are still awful and very stomach turning. This is actually after I partially started to groom her...she was infinitely worse before I groomed her. Viewer beware....

I love those beautiful, sightless, green eyes. Angel will never see her rescuer. Breaks my heart how cruel people can be.

Her paws are so matted and filled with urine stains to the point that she will not allow me to touch her paws. Her back paw claws are over grown and growing into her paw pads.

Angel is overweight and very matted. She cannot roll over much. 

The 'yellowing' around the base of her tail is urine stained.

Angel's mats are so bad that they dangle from her stomach to the floor.

The massive bald-looking patch on her back is actually a severe mat.

Dispute all the hell she's lived through, I swear this is the sweetest female cat I've ever met.

Angel's bottom is covered in old, dried feces and urine stains. Angel's severe matting prevents her from being able to properly groom herself. 

The sprawled out fur on her hind leg is 19 individual mats. I removed 7 of them. They were so tight to her skin that it took 4 hours for me to remove them by gentle brushing. 

Angel will be professionally groomed this week or next week to remove those horrible mats, urine stains, etc. She will be seen by our vet asap.

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. She will be so happy when she can groom herself! You are HER angel! Have a good rest of your life, sweet one!

  2. You are her angel! Definitely get her to a professional groomer who knows how to work with Persians and has the patience. Bless you for rescuing this girls and taking care of her.

  3. That poor baby, I am glad you rescued her.


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