Friday, December 11, 2015

Angel's Health Scare\Vet Appointment

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Hey Everyone!

I've been so busy lately. No time to post! I can't believe its already December. Where did this year go?

Angel had a serious health scare last week where she was no eating, drinking lots of water, and urinating on the floor. I wasn't able to get her to a vet immediately because of work, but a few days later I got her in. My vet is only 15 or so minutes away from our house and we use Banfield, I saw the same vet that put Nico to sleep and cared for him in his last days of life, she is an amazing vet, very kind and compassionate, also knowledgeable about animals in general. Angel saw her too, and I don't think Angel would of made it without her, I was afraid Angel was on death's door. Not eating, moving, and trouble breathing, on top of that, she's a older cat (12 years old). I wasn't sure that she was going to make it. I suspected either a urinary track infection, kidney failure (Persians can be prone to it), or diabetes.

Angel received a internal organ screen of her kidneys, a blood cell count, an exam, and a shot of clavamox twice a day with a syringe every 12 hours, some recovery canned food, and some high calorie paste to eat ( I was trying to get Angel to loose some weight, she was nearing 13lbs and Persians are a small breed weighing 7 - 10lbs, Angel stopped eating on her own and dropped to 8lbs). She was so severely dehydrated that her vet could not preform a UA (urinalysis), so they weren't able to find out what went wrong with her, her blood sugar was also really low. Her kidneys were in a okay state for a senior cat on dry food (working on switching her to canned food) but they were strained from not processing any fluids out of the body.

Angel is back to normal except for 2 accidents on the floor, so we're seeing the vet again soon, she also needs her annual rabies vaccine too.

This was taken when she was ill with some nasal discharge (that's such a gross word) too.

Ignore the facial expression...she was purring. ;) She is a lot better now. And, I am so glad. I love this girl!

"That girl of mine is a nut..."

Ragdoll Mommy~

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  1. Sorry Angel had a health scare. I am glad she is getting better.


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