Thursday, March 24, 2016

Meet Cashmere

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Hi Everyone,

Our 'surprise' posted to be for March 5th, had been rescheduled for March 12th. After 9 long hours in the car, I finally have my new (and 2nd) female Ragdoll! She is named Cashmere (which is one of my favorite materials and to match my gray cashmere sweater!), she is a blue bicolor like Nico and Baloo were. I no longer own Baloo as of November 14, 2015 due to very bad litter box allergies associated with the only type of cat litter he was willing to use. I miss him very much but he now resides in Bradenton, FL with his new family who loves him and spoils him like he deserves. Baloo is doing good and I regularly receive updates on that sweet guy. Now, Cashmere was born 4-4-2012, so she is 3.11 years old (which is weird because that is the exact same age Nico and Anya were when I got them). Cashmere is going to be my breeder (not a show cat due to being too mismarked), Cashmere had 2 litters of kittens in her life before coming to me. Please no offensive comments, you're more than welcome to have your own opinion, but please keep it to thyself, haha. And yes, before anyone loses their shit, I am aware that there is already a huge over pet population going on, but remember that I am controlling when and who she will be getting pregnant to, and also I will be spaying and neutering all pet kittens before they leave me for their new homes. Only 10% of the cat population in the world is purebred cats. I plan on only having 1-2 more litters with Cashmere before I spay her as a pet only. Cashmere maybe pregnant now (yay!) as her old owner bred her to her male before I bought her. Cashmere has a excellent pedigree and I am very proud to have her! She is so sweet and very good with other pets and kids, I am very excited to see how her future kittens turn out.

Cashmere at her old owner's house. Credits to her old owner for use of her photo.

Ragdoll Mommy~

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