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Review Day: VetriScience Perio Plus Feline Bites Everyday Health Feline Formula Supplement from

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Hi Everyone,

Today I am reviewing the VetriScience Perio Plus Feline Bites, there are endless types of dental treats\supplements out there for cats promoting 'great' results, the way these gimmicks work is not the ingredients, but rather the chewing that is said to help scrap tartar and plaque from your cat's teeth, this goes back to the old myth that dry food\hard food (aka kibble) helps with feline dental hygiene, it was said by many people (including vets) years ago, that kibble pet food helped clean cats' teeth, I have even heard this for dogs a few times too. The problem with this is that cats anatomy is not like humans, humans were made for chewing their food thoroughly before swallowing, cats are strict carnivores and their teeth are made for tearing into meat and bone matter, cats do not chew their food nor are they capable of moving their jaws side to side, so to make a long story short, cats cannot get clean teeth by chewing hard kibble\'dental' treats, this has been proven false by several vets and my own vet agrees. However, my cats (at least most of them) liked this supplement. Star did not care for this too much, although she would eat a little of it some times, Angel's 13 year old teeth could not handle this supplement too well as it is a little bit smaller than a USA nickel, and the outer part is very hard and difficult to break without crumbling the supplement, the inter part is soft and crumbly, this supplement smells relatively nice so that is a plus. Anya and Saphira love this supplement however, as I listed above, these products tend to be ineffective for cleaning cats teeth (maybe beneficial to dogs, I don't know). I am sad to say that this product did not show a huge difference in my cats teeth or oral care, but 2 out of 4 loved them!


* Great customer service (as always!)
* Fast shipping.
* Inexpensive at $5.99 for 60 bites.
* Anya and Saphira like them.
* They smell pretty good for a cat supplement, as supplements and treats usually smell.
* Re-sealable bag.


* Star did not really like them.
* Too hard for Angel to eat (and even hard for the younger cats to eat correctly).
* Hard for me to break up for Angel, and when I do they crumble too easily.
* Not proven to help clean cats teeth.

All in all, the cats and I rate this product 3 stars.

Ragdoll Mommy~

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