Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Little Bundle of Short Joy Added to My Life 2 Years Ago

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Today marks 2 years ago since I got Renato. I remember picking him out from the rest of his 4 litter mates and choosing him - after all, he had Nico's eye color. He was the runt of the litter, but boy did that not stop him, he was a cat's cat. I went home from Maine with him lying in my lap the whole way, he would walk on a harness and leash out on the beach, to parks, he'd follow me from room to room, he'd join in while I'd shower, he'd play with flipping book pages, he loved fruit roll ups and yogurt, he would 'help' with the laundry (and when I say 'help', I meant lie in the basket), he didn't mind be lathered in yoghurt by a 2 year old, he went for countless rides in the little lego cart of the 2 year old's, he would sit in the 2 year old's exer-saucer, he would steal beef jerky and run away with it, he took after Nico's love of fetching, he would take hour long naps with the 2 year old, he would join in on me typing away into the computer for the blog, he'd ride joyfully in the car sitting on my shoulder looking out the sun roof of the truck, he was Anya's savior after Nico was put down, he mended my broken heart after Nico died, he was Nico and Anya's nephew and ended the same way as Nico. . . that's how short life can be.

Cordoba is in no way a replacement for Renato. But I feel blessed knowing Renato may still be with us - Cordoba was born May 1, 2016 (5-1-2016), Renato was born June 1, 2014 (6-1-2014). They were both born on the first of each month. Swap the '6' in 2016 for the '5' in May and you have 6-1 (June 1). . . all just almost 2 years after Renato was born. Renato has been reborn.

Life goes fast, its hard to make the good things last.

Ragdoll Mommy~


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