Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Review Day: Chewy. Com Catit Treat Ball

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Hi Everyone,

Thank you all for the comments on Star's bacterial overgrowth. She is almost healed! :-) Picking up her medicine refill today. She will finish the antibiotic for 10 days and stay on the probiotic for 20 days. Anyways, today the fluff balls are super excited because its time for our monthly Chewy.com  review! Yay! I was sent the Catit Treat Ball in the color blue - my favorite color. They know Life with Ragdolls so well! :-D Check it out here for yourselves: Catit Treat Ball

Treat balls are a great activity to keep cats slim and busy while you're away at school, work, vacation,  where ever you're staying! They keep cats intrigued and are a fun activity. They can keep your cats busy for hours (unless its Anya, who can get it all out within 2 minutes. . .) The Catit Treat ball comes in two colors; blue and pink. We received the blue. The blue one is $4.49 and the pink is $4.48 So if you're looking to save money, get the pink one! ;)

Angel says: "Come by and buy one of these!"

The size of it compared to a coffee mug.

Stuck kibble. :-(

This is upside down. Holds about 1\4th of a cup.

Cordoba's first review! She is sitting next to the Catit Treat Ball (left) and the Slim Cat Treat Ball (right). I reviewed the Slim Cat Treat Ball previously in April. Read our review of it at the end of this post.


* Fast shipping.

* Great customer service.

* Inexpensive.

* Comes in two different colors.

* Has two different difficulty levels.

* All of the cats love playing with it.


* Poorly made.

* Not sturdy.

* Kibble gets stuck in bottom. Almost impossible to remove.

* Too easy for my cats. Even Cordoba can figure it out way too easily. She is 3 months old.

* Non challenging. Kibble easily falls out - even with it closed to 'hard'.

* Drop it on the floor and its done for.

Overall, the cats and I rate the Catit Treat Ball a 3 star. I probably won't be getting anymore of these. The cats and I prefer the Slim Cat Treat Ball. Read our review of the Slim Cat Treat Ball in the color blue here.

Note: I received the Catit Treat Ball in the color blue for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and photos are my own. No part of Life with Ragdolls (that includes my photos!) may be rewritten, republished, or sold for without my permission.

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. Truffle and Brulee would probably figure it out pretty quickly, too.

  2. From your review, I'm guessing it may be too easy for my boys, too. But they sure will have fun as it involves treats :-)

  3. What a cool thing. Thanks for reviewing. We may have to get the Slim Cat Treat Ball for Baloo.


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