Monday, August 22, 2016

Star Meets Our New Veterinarian!

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Hi everyone,

On August 19, 2016 I found a new vet due to personal preference to our old one. Plus, Star had very bad diarrhea with blood in it. The vet diagnosed a bacterial overgrowth in her intestines.  She had a annual physical exam, a 4 way fecal test, fecal testing, antibiotic for 10 days to kill the bacterial overgrowth, and a probiotic for 10 days to keep the good bacteria in. The good news is that Star's medicine is kicking in and the diarrhea is almost completely gone....the bad news is that my wallet is broken. But at least she is okay. ;)

Star loved and I mean LOVED the vet tech. She tried to follow her out the door to check the results on her fecal test.  Star was an absolute angel at the vet, she did not growl, hiss, scratch, or bite and Star has a reputation for an aggressive attitude. Not this time.
This was simply unheard of.
Good Starry Bear Bear!

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. Wow, you are a pro at the vet then? We are very shy and quiet.

    Emma and Buster

  2. Vet techs are important! Glad yours was sweet!

  3. I'm sorry Star had bad bacteria, but I'm glad she is on the mend! How nice she loved the vet tech...I wish I had that vet at our boys' doctor's office :-)

    Thank you for your sweet comment on Kit xoxo

  4. We are sorry to hear that Star was sick, but glad she's doing so much better now! Finding a good vet and vet techs is awesome. And Star approves - Yay!

  5. Glad to hear that Star is on the mend. And it's good that you found a vet everyone is happy with.

  6. Glad Star is feeling better! ❤️

  7. Glad to hear the medicine is helping Star get better.


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