Monday, October 10, 2016

What Is a Blaze on a Ragdoll Cat?

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A lot of people ask what a blaze on a Ragdoll cat is, a blaze is not a mismark in our association (TICA) as a lot of people seem to believe. A blaze simply means the cat has a white spot or stripe on its face.

There are 3 different types of blazes in Ragdoll cats:


The 'star' is a white spot on the forehead and looks like this.
This is not my photo. This is a seal mitted Ragdoll with a star blaze.


The 'diamond' is basically a larger star on the forehead.

This is not my photo. This is a seal mitted Ragdoll with a diamond blaze.


The 'hourglass' is my own personal favorite type of blaze ever. This is why I picked Cordoba (pictured below). Cordoba actually has a 'broken' hourglass blaze, which means the blaze is not connected. The white spot on her lip is a fault and is not part of the blaze itself, unfortunately Ragdolls' with blazes of any type often have and produce too much white on the body making the cat throw mismarked kittens and it may have too much white itself as stated above. Cordoba has too high of boots and mismatched mittens. Anya (who does not have a blaze) has perfect mittens and perfect boots. Renato (circa 2014) did not have a blaze either, but his mittens were uneven too and his boots were worse than Cordoba's.
This is my photo (its Cordoba). She is a seal mitted Ragdoll with a broken hourglass blaze.

Not my photo. Seal mitted without a blaze. Renato would of looked like this if he lived.

This is my photo. Anya of course, Anya is a blue mitted without a blaze.
No blaze is the most common and I prefer this look....Anya started the Mitted pattern for me!

Only Mitted Ragdolls can have blazes. Colorpoints are not suppose to have any white anywhere and any white is a disqualifying fault. Bicolors have an inverted 'v' of white on their faces, but it is not a blaze.

Ragdoll Mommy~

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