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A Brief Description of My Rabbitry and Rabbits

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Hey Everyone!

I've been hearing lots of people ask how I run my rabbitry and what breeds I use and among other things, so here goes.

I raise purebred Silver Fox rabbits, Mini Lops, and Giant Chinchillas. Both the Silver Fox and the Giant Chinchillas are American heritage breeds and the Silver Fox is rare and endangered. Both the Giant Chinchilla and the Silver Fox are listed on The Livestock Conservancy as Threatened (Silver Fox) and Watch (Giant Chinchilla). The Silver Fox is almost Critically Endangered. On the other hand, the Mini Lop rabbit is a popular breed and in no threat nor is it heritage.

I raise my Mini Lops for pets for other people, the Silver Foxes for meat and fur, and the Giant Chinchillas will be used for meat and fur as well. I currently own 10 rabbits. 3 Silver Foxes, 2 Giant Chinchillas, 1 Mini Lop, 1 Mini Lop x Dutch\Mini Rex cross, and 3 Silver Fox x Mini Lop crosses.

Giant Chinchilla:

The Giant Chinchilla breed was developed in 1921 by Edward H. Stahl of Holmes Park, Missouri. The breed was created using several breeds, but the two breeds that "ta-da'd" the breed were American Blues and a white Flemish Giant. The breed skyrocketed in 1922 as one of the best fur producing animals ever, in fact, Edward H. Stahl was so successful that he was the very first (and the only) person to ever make a million dollars off of rabbits. Wow! Giant Chinchillas come in only one color 'Chinchilla'.

Marshmallow. Giant Chinchilla doe:

Born May 28, 2016.

Sugar Bean. Giant Chinchilla doe:

Born January 20, 2016.

Sugar Bean and Marshmallow are half sisters (same sire, different dams).

Mini Lop:

Mini Lop is a popular small breed of rabbits as pets and show rabbits. Bob Herschbach created the breed in Germany in 1972. The Mini Lop came from a cross of the Standard Chinchilla and the German Big Lop. The first pattern was solid and in 1974 we were gifted with not only the solid pattern, but the broken pattern too. Mini Lops come in 13 different colors and 2 patterns. The colors are: Chinchilla, Chestnut Agouti, Lynx, Opal, Blue Eyed White, Ruby Eyed White, White, Black, Blue, Chocolate, Orange, Lilac,  And Tri Color.  The patterns are Solid and Broken.

Lopster (originally named Olivia) , and yes, her name is spelt 'Lop-ster'. Since she is a Mini Lop, I wanted to be amusing and name her 'Lopster' instead of lobster like the sea creature. I know, it's rather dumb. Haha.

Lopster. Mini Lop Broken Chestnut Agouti doe:

Born September ??? 2015. Mothered 3 litters!

Ashes. Broken Black Mini Lop x Dutch\Mini Rex cross buck. Son to Lopster x Shadow from my very first litter of rabbits!

Born July 1, 2016.

Silver Fox:

My favorite rabbit breed and my first ever breed! The Silver Fox is a beautiful American creation from several breeds, the guy that created the Silver Fox (Walter B. Garland) never fully discussed what breeds he used to make the Silver Fox that we have today, but one thing is for sure is that he used the Silver and the Checkered Giant with English Silvers, after 14 years the Silver Fox was born. It appeared in 1921. In 1925 the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) accepted the Silver Fox as a breed, the Silver Fox was once known as the American Heavyweight Silver, but was renamed Silver Fox in 1929. The Silver Fox was based off of the actual silver fox, a melanistic fox canine. Originally the breed came in just two colors, black and blue. Unfortunately, due to lack of show entrees the blue was dropped for showing. Years later and to unknown breed outcrosses, we have the chocolates and lilacs and some people are even trying to get white! What a disaster the 3rd developed heritage breed from America is becoming. Because of this, I will never breed chocolate, lilac, or white. Not ever. Silver Fox rabbits are the only breed with 'stand up fur'. This means that when you pet them from tail to head, the fur stands up and can not come back down until you flatten it back down to its normal position.

Moon Traveler. Silver Fox black buck. My very first rabbit! :

Born December 14, 2015. Sired 7 litters!

Blue Moon. Silver Fox blue buck:

Born January ??? 2016.

Moonshine. Silver Fox black doe:

Born May 1, 2016.

Note: All of my Silver Foxes are in full blown molt now. The brown in their coats is seasonal and will fade. It is not part of the Silver Fox coloring.

Note: I just bought Sugar Bean last Friday and she is still getting use to me so right now I currently have no good pictures. We're sorry for any troubles.

Ragdoll Mommy~

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  1. We occasionally see the 4-H rabbits at the California State Fair. There are so many varieties. Yours look like they have pretty nice accommodations.


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