Saturday, December 10, 2016

Review Day: AaronalBrecht Pet ID Tags

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Hi Everyone!

Today I have a  quick ( I have to be somewhere tomorrow. This was wrote Friday night)  review for another trio of pet ID tags from AaronalBrecht,  I was sent one for Star, one for Saphira, and one for Angel. I own 7 tags from him (one was a gift and the rest were all reviews) and I've loved every one of them. They're very sturdy, well made, hold up well to being dunked in water (the tags hang a little too low from their collars and make it drop into their water bowls when they drink). They are more money than ID tags say from Petsmart, but they're way better than Petsmart ID tags and they're high quality and very pretty, not your typical plastic ones that fall apart in  a month. Some of the ID tags come with crystal attachments and the colors are: pink, ruby, crystal clear, sapphire, lilac, teal, turquoise,  and amethyst.

Star's: ID Tag for Star

Saphira's: ID Tag for Saphira

Angel's: ID Tag for Angel


* Okay shipping.

* High quality.

* Many choices and different crystal colors and with and without a crystal option too.

* I'm very pleased with them.

* The cats don't mind wearing them.

* Not expensive.


Nothing here!

Over all, the cats and I rate these 5 star products.
I really love AaronalBrecht's pet ID tags and if I get any more pets, I will definitely be buying some ID tags from him. These really are great tags. I have nothing negative to say about them.

Ragdoll Mommy~

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  1. Those are cute. Probably better for a larger pet since you say they hang into their water bowl, but still cute and unique.


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