Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Review Day: Taste of The Wild River Canyon Canned Cat Food

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Hi Everyone!

Today I have a review for the Taste of The Wild River Canyon canned cat food, this cat food is available as of April 9th, 2017 (the night this review was wrote) for $16.56 for 24 cans that are 3 ounces or $30.96 for 24 cans that are 5.5 ounces. Taste of The Wild has two flavors of canned cat food and two flavors of kibble cat food; River Canyon and Rocky Mountain. Taste of The Wild markets cat canned food, cat kibble, dog kibble, and canned dog food.

Taste of the Wild is what I feed my cats 80% of the time. It agrees with everyone and really helps bring down Star's allergies. Cordoba is very picky about kibble but she just loves this! Anya has a sensitive stomach and this is gentle on her.


* Fast shipping.

* Good customer service.

* Comes in two flavors.

* Surprisingly all 5 of the cats loved this food. Star tends to hate any canned food other than pate (this is cuts). Nevertheless it was gone in 5 minutes!

* Okay pricing.

* Comes in either 3 oz cans or 5.5 oz cans.


* Smells bad.

* Loaded with carbs which are awful for cats. Cats don't require carbs and only 3% - 5% of their diet should be carbs.

Life with Ragdolls~

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  1. That sounds like tasty food and maybe good for kitties with allergies. Thanks for that great review. Have a great day.


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