Saturday, September 28, 2013

A beautiful cat collar for my beautiful girl,what I good match!!

Hi,Everyone!  Today I would like to show you guys,one of Anya's cat collars.I bought this BEAUTIFUL cat collar,on was quite expensive for a cat collar! In fact the most expensive cat collar I ever paid for LOL! I rarely pay a lot for cat collars;-) Because they get fuzzy and they don't last forever lol.Anyway....Anya's collar I paid for,costed me.....18 dollars (Plus 7 dollars for shipping....So 18+7 is 25 dollars!! LOL!) Anyway.....Her collar was NOT a review! I got her collar a while ago (4-5 months?). 

Anyway....Here's some pictures:
Okay..This collar looks silver right? Well...It's not,but it has other high lights about it....Just you wait n' see!

 This is no ordinary cat collar.....It is made with 10 real CRYSTALS!!! It is also "Handset Australian crystals!!!" (Handset means put in by hand).It is also studded with like gold of some sort.Proabley not real,but it sure is beautiful! Right? It is made by: Mirage.

I LOVE Mirage!! They make cat collars and dog collars I believe.

Anyway....I didn't know that they only have Anya's collar size in Xs! (Extra small:-(  But it doesn't really fit her.It was a lot too small! But it can go around her neck:-) 

I wish I had a picture of her in her collar.But I don't:-( 

Goodbye everyone,but see ya' soon! 

Love Ragdoll mommy&The babies~


  1. Oh, that is some serious bling! We would love to see Anya wearing it. :)

  2. That's a pawsome collar!! Very stylish and blingy!!

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  3. those collars are just beauteous!! They will look gorgeous on them!


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