Saturday, May 31, 2014


Hey guys,

Today I have a couple of reviews for you today that should interest you. The first one is a very stunning bracelet made with glass pearls and metal. Go check it out here! This beautiful bracelet is so stunning that it would be perfect for weddings, as a gift, to wear out, to parties, or just around the house like I sometimes do. I recommend this bracelet because number one, it is stunning, two, its strong, and best of all great priced.  The shop owner would also like to add: " I am not really sure what to add about me or my shop! I am a nurse during the day, I work at the VA so I'm around military folks all the time! I'm a mom and I started making these bracelets after I lost my mom in September, 2013. I love making the bracelets, I buy tons of beads and pearls and just try out different designs but my favorite is the pearls! I love etsy and I'm anxious to sell bunches of bracelets! "
The stunning bracelet, and you can get yours for only $8 dollars! 
This is not a slip on bracelet! And if you attempt to do that like I tried, you might break it. ( I didn't break it).
Pretty glass pearls.
Not the most natural pose for this review but it was hard to do with one hand!

This is one of my favorite shops on Etsy, and you can see where I get it from Here!


* Fast shipping
*Great customer service
*Great prices
*Beautiful glass pearls


*A bit hard to put on your wrist the first few times, but you'll definitely get the hang of it soon enough!

For this other review is a cute snack pouch; I use it for just about anything, not just food. Best part is that its got nothing but UF on it! Here I'll show ya'.
Sorry for the bad quality; these were taken at night. 
Not actually the Gator colors, but that's because it was taken at night; the iPad's worst enemy, lol.
Velcro latch thingy.
Bottom velcro thingy.
I am famous for throwing my stuff all in one or two bags, because I hate traveling with like 9,000 bags so yeah. In this pouch contains, contains... Contains: earbuds, my baby (a.k.a my 3rd generation iPod Nano, case inclued), and it's little carrier thing, a bracelet (see the other review above; same thing), a napkin, and like 3 gum rappers, and a thing of ABC gum (what do you think I saved the gum rappers for?), 2 pads, 2 tampons that my cats tried to inhale (don't worry I've never used them, ewww...), oh and a cat toy for some reason.... And there's the proof that Ragdoll Mommy is a wonderful packer! NOT! ;-)

So you can actually use it for a number of things, other than food. Ps: also makes it wonderful bathroom bag for your stuff.


*Wonderful prices: just $5 dollars
*Great quailty 
*Friendly customer
*Fast shipping


*Nothing here

Ragdoll Mommy~

Saturday Sadness/PhotoHunters: Grape

Today's PhotoHunt is "Grape". Nothing like the pretty grape colored flower I picked in GA when we went up there in September of 2013. 

And we can't find 2 of the kittens; the gray tabby boy and the sickest long haired tabby girl. Please purr and pray that we find them alive. I've looked around the whole yard for them and with no sign; this post was written on Friday, but was posted on Saturday. 

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Ragdoll Mommy~

Friday, May 30, 2014

Follow The Anya!

The toddler that is tempting to touch Anya's nose loves this cat! :-)
Isn't she stunning?!
I adore this girl.
 Especially when she likes to go for bike rides. 
Random pretty rose on our back porch.
I'm not sure how this happened...
Aren't her mittens cute or what? 
She loves laying on this table.
The Dachshund in the picture under the table loves Anya, though I wish I could say the same for her... ;-)
Another rose though its on the same plant.
An Anya.
Who doesn't like bike rides?

Note: Anya is not an outside cat and was only out for pictures and fun.

Ragdoll Mommy~

Thursday, May 29, 2014

You HAVE TO SEE This Video!

All Photo and Text Copyright Life with Ragdolls 2013~2014

Wanna hear  a Star growl? Its fucking creepy. Below is a video of Star growling, note: Anya was not in anyway hurt by Star (if they had started fighting I would have stopped it immediately), Anya jumped up on the bed and Star was there first so she started growling and I was lucky enough to capture it on camera. Enjoy! ;)

Hugs n' evil growls,
Ragdoll Mommy & Star~

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Proof That Ragdolls Are Better Than Birmans

My stunning Bluepoint Mitted Ragdoll Anya (a.k.a Blue Mitted). 
This cat is uglier than Anya, its a Bluepoint Birman. I know they look alike in a lot of ways, but Mitted Ragdolls always have a white chin (like Anya) unless mismarked, while Birmans always have 
a dark colored chin, unless mismarked. Birmans are an older breed than the Ragdolls, Ragdolls come in more colors and patterns, Ragdolls are a lot better with kids; I recall being 10ish and going to Petsmart with my mom and brother and sisters to pick up some pet supplies for our Dachshunds and cats, I and 3 of my siblings went to go look at the cats in the adoption center while our mom and older sister went to get the pet stuff, I had saw this beautiful or should I say handsome male Birman cat up for adoption, I went over to pet him (you're allowed to pet the cats here) and all that cat did was growl and hiss at me and tried to bite. Which left me thinking: "god, what a douche." **goes over to see the mutt cats**. Ragdoll owners are also a lot friendlier, every time I'm out with Nico&Anya and people ask to pet them I let them do so; unless they have dogs. Then there was that time when we took Nico to the Petsmart vet for his UTI, and as we were waiting for our turn and while the other people that came with us were in the bathroom I decided to take Nico to the cat part of the store to look at cat toys to help keep him quiet, about 5 or so feet away from us stood a lady with her two Birman cats looking at the cat collars (the collars and cat toys are in the same row) and her cats start meowing to get out of their carriers and their owner says "shut up, you stupid mutts!", now her stupid cats have gotten Nico meowing and I say "aw, its gonna be okay Nico", and that bitch looks at us like she wants to hit Nico. 

So there's the proof that Ragdolls are better than Birmans.

#Ragdolls rule,
Ragdoll Mommy~

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Does Your Cat Like to Sniff New Items?

Saphira likes to sniff stuff that is unknown to her, when I had brought home Nico&Anya's window bench from our other house she immediately went crazy over it--sniff! Sniff! Sniiiiiiiiff!! Why? Probably because its new to her. I guess the smell of cat, dog, and new people smells nice to her. 
Star does this sometimes too.

So that begs the question, does your cat do this too? What is his or her favorite things to sniff?

Ragdoll Mommy~

Monday, May 26, 2014

Don't Leave Your Stuff Unattended


So some time in April, I was cleaning out my bookcase and had half carelessly thrown all of my stuff onto my bed, while Nico was also on my bed; don't worry, I hadn't hit him with anything and I was watching where I was throwing kind of;-) Anyways, I have a lot of sea shells and beach stuff on my bookcase--i.e sand dollars, sea shells, and a few fishing hooks, etc, and little did I know that Nico had put his front legs and paws onto my stuff, and as I go to put everything back in order, I didn't know that he had gotten a hook stuck in his paw pad. :-( I at the time didn't know this, so I had picked up the hook in his paw without knowing it was in him. 
The blue fish has a hook in it (for fishing) and that's the hook that got in Nico's paw pad.
That paw there had a hook in it; thankfully it had came out when I picked it up--it wasn't in deep and the best news of all is that Nico wasn't bleeding, I'm guessing it only just broke the skin. He is 100% better now.

Ragdoll Mommy~

Sunday, May 25, 2014

No One Wants To Write When You Feel Like Shit...


It has been hot as hell out, and with a cold its all of the worst:-( I am in no mood to post much, so enjoy these pics. 
Nico&Anya are not outside cats; or Star and Saphira.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

PhotoHunters: Yellow

Today's PhotoHunt is "Yellow", I'm not too fond of yellow, but my yellow bow looks great with my brown hair. Yeah, I'm a bit too old for bows in my hair, but again--I'm actually pretty young, pretty and young, lol.. ;-)

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Ragdoll Mommy~

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Truth About Cat Scratch Disease(CSD), A.K.A Cat Scratch Fever

Ouch! Your cat has just scratched you, you think "eh, its nothing, its happened a lot now" you go to wash it and maybe put a  band-Aid on it, weeks later you start to notice that it burns and is swelling, you go to your family doctor who had just informed you that you have Cat Scratch fever. Eeek! Should you get rid of your cat? Or worse declaw it? Absolutely NOT!
You should know that Cat Scratch fever is also brought on by fleas, and cat bites. And its not necessarily the fact that the cat scratches you and it becomes infected, its actually because a bacteria found in cat claws that can cause it, in fact 40% of cats are infected with this bacteria, commonly known as Bartonella henselae. Kittens are far more likely to carry this bacteria than older cats, outdoor cats are also at a higher risk for giving you the disease. What most people are unaware of is the fact that CSD (Cat Scratch Disease, or Cat Scratch fever) can also be brought on by cat bites and fleas. To help lower your risk of catching this disease is to 1: not play hard with your cat; i.e biting and scratching the hands type of play (my cats are not allowed to play this game with me or other people). 2: if your cat does scratch you by accident or on purpose, wash the area with soap and hot water. 3: teach your kids that its not okay to play rough with your cat and if the cat becomes distressed then stop what you're doing and come back later to play--same goes for you

Note: not all cat scratches led to CSD, I've been scratched by cats like 800,000 times and I've never caught CSD. Thankfully. 

Ragdoll Mommy~

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Review Day:


Mind if I do another review for you today? This time we got to review an awesome cat collar for Star, and what do you know, it has stars on it! This stunning collar is blue with silver stars on it and it came with this cute little star charm too! All things Star, right?! Go get yourselves a really nice Star collar Here!
Star's new collar. Note: both the ID tag and the bell were not part of this review. 
Sorry for the blur and the
 fact that you can't see her collar--she didn't want to hold still for this, lol. 

The thing I didn't like about this collar is the fact that it's buckle is made of really weak plastic. But over all its adorable.

How it looks against Star's fur.

The adorable little star charm.


*Fast shipping
*Friendly customer service
*Star liked it
*It looks good on Star
*Hand made
*Good prices; was only $10 dollars
*Safety collar


*Weak buckle 
*The stars on it have almost all faded

Ragdoll Mommy~

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Review Day:

Hi guys!

We have another review for you today! ;-) This time we got to review 3 cool kitty toys for Nico, one mouse, one ball, and one pumpkin. Random right? Lol, but he loves 'em and that is all that truly matters, right? Go check out her shop Here!
Aren't they cute? 
The red and green ball (A.K.A The 
Christmas ball).
The blue and gray pumpkin. I call it a blueberry though, lol. So, A.K.A the blueberry..
And the mousie (A.K. A the mouse, just 
the mouse).

Star actually liked them the most, but Nico liked them too. Nico dislikes catnip and catnip is inside these toys, so he didn't like them as much as the girls did, who likes catnip, but he sure does play with them every now and then. Nico will not eat straight catnip.
Anyways, Saphira will eat catnip and so does Anya, Nico won't, Star will, but its incredibly rare.


* Cats liked them
*Friendly customer service
*Good prices
*Real catnip
*Hand made
*Fast shipping


Nothing here!

Ragdoll Mommy~


Tuesday, May 20, 2014


All Photo and Text Copyright Life with Ragdolls 2013~2014

As you can see I've changed my blog template. Do you like it? Is it better than the older one? Personally I like both, but I most admit though that it was kinda time for a change..

Money CAN'T Buy Happiness? Wrong!!

All Photo and Text Copyright Life with Ragdolls 2013~2014

A while ago (or it feels like it) someone asked me how much we had paid for Nico&Anya, as they were interested in buying a Ragdoll cat for themselves. First, don't you know that asking someone how much something is is rude? What are you 5? You know it really pisses me off when people ask that question. But I'd rather not say how much they were, though it really was a great deal, as they came with food, food/water bowls, a kitty condo, a brush, cat carrier, etc. And yes, both of my cats came with papers. Nico&Anya were an early birthday present from my father in July of 2012. Money well spent, I cannot imagine my life without my two little bundles of fur. I love them bunches and I've loved them ever since I first saw them on the computer for sale in Orlando, Florida. I just adore them. They can make me smile anytime, anywhere, I laugh at them everyday. We will have had them for 2 years on July 1, 2014. I can't believe it and I just can't wait for it!
July 2013

Ragdoll Mommy~

Monday, May 19, 2014

Leo Leaves Her Kittens Orphaned

Hi Guys!

I thought I'd kick off this post with a review and some more info on the kittens! So far they're doing good; all 4 of them have a small eye infection though, but apart from that they're great, I estimate that they're only about 4 weeks old at the most. I've been taking great care of them and all 4 adult cats want to kill me (Saphira, Star, Nico, and Anya), Anya completely ignored me when I came home from playing with the kittens, Star is in a pissy mood (as usual) lol, Saphira has been hiding from me and Nico doesn't want my attention, which is quite rare! I guess they thought I was going to abandon them, lol; which I obviously wouldn't do under ANY circumstance! :-)
Aren't they adorable?! The one with his paws on the rim is a boy--all of the others are girls. The kitten with her eye closed to the right hand-side, has an eye infection so that's why its closed, but I did wipe it out like 900,00 times. 
The lightest colored one is the
Their mom (Leo) has abandoned them; either she was killed by something or someone or she died, or she might of ran off. I hope she isn't dead. It actually makes me a bit sad that she's gone now, I not only fear for her kittens but also her, she was never the and I quote "perfect" mother, but she definitely got the job done. 
Leo with her previous litter in October of 2013. 
R.I. P Leo if you're dead. 

The only male.

One of the poor long haired girls with 
her eye infection. For as bad as these kittens look, they're actually quite the friendly, playful, active 
type of your typical kitten, I played with them for hours; like until 8 PM to 10 PM, ( Friday night) I was told that they should sleep outside as that would probably be best for them sense they were both born and half raised outside; but both I and they had other ideas lol, as I go to put them back outside that same Friday night and after I had put them back outdoors, like 5 minutes later all 4 of them wanted me-- since Leo died/disappeared, I have became like their adopted mother, they now depend on me for food, water, shelter, protection, and love, and I provide all 5! 
The short haired girl.

The other long haired girl.

I know it looks like I'm trying to 
strangle him, but that's just how I was holding him, he actually liked it and he kinda goes limp like a Ragdoll cat when you pick him up (none of them are Ragdolls).

He loves lying on my lap. 

The boy.
Note: I'm sincerely sorry for most of the pictures either being blurry or very low quality; I was sitting 
on the floor with them in our kitchen and the light in there gave it bad quality photos. 

I'll post more about them soon. Now lets get to that review!
This time we got to review another thing
 for the kitties; what's new? Lol. This fun cat toy is a hoop made out of metal and yarn. The kitties 
loved it until they broke the fucking thing, lol.