Thursday, October 31, 2013



Sorry I haven't post! Our internet was down:-( 
Star is a  devil! Lol! 
Saphira is wearing her bat dress for Halloween! 
And who likes our pumpkin? 
Our light-up pumpkin.
Nico&Anya went Trick or Treating! Lol
Lady is my purfect Halloween cat! She's whole black!
It's extremely rare! It's Anya with Lady! 
Note: Anya is the Ragdoll and is also on the left , Lady is the black cat.
Saphira on my desk, this morning.
This is why you don't mess with Star! 

Note: Star and Saphira got into a fight on Tuesday. As you can see Star obviously won. 
Another note: Both Star and Saphira (As for Leo too), both have claws, so Saphira could fight back. But Star is also a lot bigger than Saphira.
Saphira's Tocks.
Saphira and I.
Star asleep.
Nico helping me de-Seed Cotton, on Sunday.
Star grooming herself.
Anya and I.
Anya's gorgeous eyes!

Goodbye Everyone, but see ya' soon!

Love,Ragdoll Mommy~

Sunday, October 27, 2013

My new buddy

Hi,Everyone! Yesterday I saw a tabby cat in our backyard, I called him "Leo". He was pretty underweight and he was a boy for sure.....Lol. He was very friendly and he came when I called him. He wasn't fixed. Yuck. But I did get a few pictures of him.
Here he is again.
Leo and I.
Leo, watching a squirrel.
Anya and I.
Nico, sleeping.
I am.... Secretly (Okay.... Maybe not "Secretly"...) But I have kinda been falling in love with Leo...Lol. I fed him everyday, and I pet him and he will follow me around. I guess now I kinda have 6 cats. 2 males and 4 females. Anyway... Leo is a stray cat. He "didn't" have a owner.... Not anymore LOL! 

I'll tell you more about him tomorrow.

Love,Ragdoll Mommy~

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Paw Project, needs your help NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, Everyone! Today you must listen to me! It's very very very important!!! I swear it!!

If you are for declawing cats, then you might not wanna hear what I have to say. For those of you that are not for declawing, then you will definitely want to read this! Okay.... Who has heard of The Paw Project? You gotta see these amazing people! Go check out The Paw Project at:

Go check out a short video of the movie at:

The Paw Project is working very hard to ban declawing in the U.S.A!

I have recently received a email from The Paw Project, themselves! Because I have recently asked them when is their movie coming out; They told me about The Paw Project and stuff, but they have also told me that they only have like 6 days, to sell 54 movie tickets to people!!! The Paw Project needs your help NOW!!!!  The reason why they are trying to sell movie tickets to people so fast, is because 1: People should see it! 2: The Paw Project needs help to ban cat declawing in Colorado, the whole state of it!!

Please please please, Support The Paw Project in banning declawing!

We can make a difference in this world, please let's stop declawing TODAY!!!!!!!

Thank you!

For more info on declawing, please go visit The Paw Project's website, and make a donation or join their mailing list (Like I did).


Ps: I will post pictures of my Ragdolls tomorrow too.

Love,Ragdoll Mommy~ 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Family Friday

Hello, Everyone! Today is Family Friday. 
Nico&Anya here: We went to the beach today!
Then we went to a park!
Then we went out for dinner!
Then we went to another park!

Love,Ragdoll Mommy~

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Everyone is innocent..... Until proven guilty!

Hello,Everyone! Today I posted a post about "The Complate Book Of Spelling For The Dumb Ass, By Ragdoll Mommy".  I was not calling ANYONE names! 

Someone has recently accused me for calling them a dumb ass! I DID no such thing!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Why are some people such d*cks and b*tchies????? What did I ever do to them?!  Just told them how to spell the word "a lot?" While I was just telling them something (nicely) for peep sake!

No one has the right to tell me what to write about on my blog! No one! 

If anyone does not like the way I post or what I post about then feel 100% free to leave! It's my blog, not yours! Got that,buddy??? If it makes "those" people feel better then I will delete the post....... There happy????  A while ago someone called me a ass for declawing Nico&Anya....... Well..... I didn't do it! But guess what??? THEY ARE NOT YOUR CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are mine!

If you don't have something nice to say, then keep your mouth SHUT!!!!!!! 

Thank you! Have a nice day:) 

Psst: I apologize if I offend anyone. Bye.

Ragdoll Mommy~

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Not so Wordless Wednesday........Review here!

Hi,Everyone! Today is not so much of a Wordless Wednesday, lol (Laugh Out Loud).  Today is a review day! Yay!

A while back I got to review two awesome cat collars, for Nico and Anya!  The cat collars are pretty High Quality, they  aren't getting fuzzy. They are very cute. And best of all they look great on my two GORGEOUS and HANDSOME Ragdolls! 

I really like these collars! I recommend them. They are also hand-made! I like hand-made things. These cat collars were made by Cloe. Yep,that's the name! What are the good things and bad things about the collars?

The good things:
1: I love the fact that they are hand-made!
2: Friendly  customer service.
3: Very  high Quality!
4: pretty soft.
5: The collars are breakaway.
6: the collars are pretty, and they come in a lot of colors and patterns.
7: I absolutely love the bells on the collars, they remind me of cow bells. Which I like.
8: the bells are not heavy or loud, which I really can't stand at night!
9: the collars are not a whole lot of money, (In other words they don't clean out your wallet!)
10: the collars themselves's are not heavy on the cats's necks. (My cats don't mind wearing them, even though they don't really like things around their necks).
11: they also gave me a card with 15% off on my next purchase! (That was very nice of them!)
THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!

The bad things:
1: The shipping took forever! (But they were on vacation).
2: The Buckle is not very sturdy.(Nico has gotten out of it a few times).
3: the bell is huge.(But that's not really a big issue, because it's not loud).
And that's it!

I give these collars  4 and a half  stars for perfection!

I really love them collars!

I am 99% satisfied with these collars!

Now who wants to see pictures??? But first let me tell you what they look like.  Nico's is black with Orange pumpkins on it (perfect for Halloween!)

Anya's is black with little flowers on it (perfect for spring!)
The stuff I received.
Nico&Anya's collars.
Out of the bag.
Anya's cat collar.
Nico's cat collar.
Anya in her collar.
Nico in his collar. Note: I apologize for the bad pictures, they would not hold still lol (Laugh out loud).
Nico in his collar.
Okay.... Here's the good pictures now!
Anya. Sorry you can't see her collar. She is very fluffy! As for Nico too!

Goodbye everyone! But see ya' soon!

Love Ragdoll Mommy&The babies~

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunday's walk

Hello,Everyone! I would like to thank everyone for coming over yesterday and wishing I and Star and Saphira, a happy anniversary! Thanks guys!  Oh and hey....Yesterday I took Nico&Anya for a walk around our backyard! Anya loved it! Nico liked it too. You wanna see pictures???
Sorry,I didn't have this picture going side-ways:-(
Anya looking for our chickens to eat. Lol. (Laugh out loud).
Is this something I can eat?
Hey,Where'd ya' go?

I'll post more on Thursday.

Goodbye everyone!

Love Ragdoll Mommy~