Friday, November 27, 2015

Help for Anya Needed Now

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Hi Everyone,

Happy **belated** Thanksgiving!

I am cornered into helplessness as to what to feed Anya. She has no known health problems, she is 7 years old, and a Ragdoll. For a reminder, Ragdolls and Maine Coons and other large breeds need a high protein diet (at least 37 - 44% animal protein) in their diets. Ragdolls are famous for developing heart problems, which leads to death, taurine is absolutely needed for all cats to keep up with heart and eye sight (without proper taurine, cats develop heart problems and blindness), Ragdolls need at least 15% of their diets to be taurine.

Anya has very bad stomach problems, she is vomiting at least once a day, and she's constipated....
She is currently on Taste of the Wild River Canyon kibble (grain free) mixed with Instinct Protein (grain free) kibble, every other day she is fed Friskies canned food. Yes, I know that Friskies isn't the best food, but their canned food lines are decent. Low carb and medium protein range.
I have fed her the highest quality brands to the medium range, to grocery brands and poor crappy brands. Blue Buffalo Freedom, Blue Buffalo Wilderness, Taste of the Wild, Instinct Protein, Friskies, Purina Pro Plan, Purina Focus, Purina Cat Chow Complete, Meow Mix, Sheba, The Good Life Recipe, Earthbourn, Whole Earth Farms, Orijen, Fromm, Tiki Cat, Solid Gold, Evolve,  etc! Some of these brands had grains and others do not, Anya has no allergies so I'd be okay with giving her a brand with grains as long as it has no corn or soy, although grain free is preferred. Anya is not picky so canned or kibble is fine. I am not worried about cost. After we finish their bag of Taste of the Wild, I will be switching to Go! Fit + Cat and see how she does on that. In the mean time, if you know of a good brand please throw it at me!

Ragdoll Mommy~

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Review Day:'s Instinct Raw Freeze-Dried Rabbit Meal or Mixer for Cats

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Hi Everyone,

This will be a very quick review since it is being rushed due to huge amounts of work needing to be done so here goes nothing.

This is a freeze dried raw food or treat for cats. I picked the rabbit formula but they also have chicken and lamb too. You can find it here. It comes in a 3 oz bag for $7.19. I don't mind paying for quality, but when only 2 of your cats will eat it is a different story. I will probably be buying this again since Anya and Saphira love it so much. It's a good product, I just wish Star and Angel would eat it, which is quite weird since Star is typically my best eater.

Anya says "give me more b!tch". ;)


* Anya and Saphira loved it.

* Comes in a resealable bag.

* Easy to break up.

* No corn, soy, rice, etc.

* Grain free.

* No by-products.

* Great customer service as always.


* Too many should just be 'rabbit' and that concerns me.

* Anya and Saphira were the only ones who liked it.

* Slow shipping (this was by accident though).

* Expensive.

* Smells weird.

Ragdoll Mommy~

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

An Angel Update

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Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the blog neglectfulness...I hope to schedule out some new posts for this week, its just that I have been so busy the past few weeks to even continue blogging!

Angel is doing great. I have gotten most of her mats out, she is really a beautiful animal under all that mess. She loves to be brushed and has already adapted to our household and my other pets. Her ears have been cleaned and I clipped her claws. 3 claws were so over grown that they had curled themselves into her paw pads. Ouch! Her mats were skin tight and very painful, I have gotten all of the little to medium sized mats out, but I'll need a professional groomer to get her large back mats out. That will be done soon. In the mean time, Angel loves my other cats and likes to sleep right by my side, also she is very clingy, I am not sure if that is due to her blindness or the fact that I am really her only way around. Her personality is beginning to shine through all that neglect.

Now with an amazing transformation.....



Ragdoll Mommy~