Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween! 2016

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" I'm too big for this..."


" Why you do this to me?"


" It aaaalll good....I had catnip before this".

Our first Halloween picture....Nico we miss you. :-(

We miss you Nico Snicko!

Ragdoll Mommy~

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Review Day: Aaronalbrecht Pet Tags for Anya & Cordoba!

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Hi Everyone,

Today I got to work with Aaronalbrecht for two pet ID tags to review for Anya and Cordoba. They're thrilled! So am I. Aaronalbrecht's pet ID tags are very nice, in fact, this is my second review from them ( I did one in 2014), that one was also for Anya and even better, a relative of mine gifted me with one for Star in 2013? So I own 4 tags from them.

The first one up is for Anya. I chose the horseshoe  and for the crystal attachment, I picked the teal color. Which looks more like dark green to me, but either way, it is beautiful. The tag is available in 8 crystal colors: ruby, teal, sapphire,  crystal clear, pink, lilac, turquoise, amethyst.

The second one up is for Cordoba. I chose the tiny heart and for the crystal attachment, I chose ruby. Which is called 'red' in my book haha. The tiny heart comes in 8 colors: ruby, sapphire, teal, amethyst, crystal clear, pink, lilac, turquoise.


* Fast shipping.

* Great customer service.

* MANY choices for ID tags and even for the certain crystal attachments too.

* Made in the USA.

* The split ring (what's holding the tag together) is also American made.

* These tags are beautiful. All of them.

* High quality.

* American quality. Not cheapo China quality. ;)

* Sturdy.

* Strong.

* Holds up well.

* Not heavy but heavy looking. I like it.

* Anya and Cordoba looks great in them.

* Did I mention how much I love these yet?


Hmm...nothing much here.

Suggestions\improvements I'd like to see in this product:

* I wish there was some way to prevent the crystal from sliding back over the tag (backwards I guess?) It gets stuck in Anya's rabies tag.

Over all, the cats and I rate this a 5 star product. I am very happy with it and will definitely be buying more of these in the future!

Ragdoll Mommy~

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wordless ( Sort of) Wednesday: Yum

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I need to do a post about this, but long story short, I raise rabbits for myself and the cats to eat and I butchered a buck a couple of days ago and gave the cats his organs. They ate the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and some blood. Yuck but good for them I guess.

Slightly GRAPHIC!

Ragdoll Mommy~

Thursday, October 20, 2016

10 Years Ago

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Today 10 years ago, I brought home Star and Saphira. I can not believe 10 years has already flown by, how does that kind of stuff happen so quickly but at the same time really slowly? Never before have I ever thought I'd last that long, because let's be honest, there were times when I wanted to kill them both....but especially Saphira. ; )

So here's a toast to 10 years! 2006 (10 years already?!) to 2016.

Star looks so different today than when she was a kitten.

Yes, Saphira's getting old. Hell, they both are. They're both getting gray muzzles. 

Ragdoll Mommy~

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Rest in Peace, Baloo: May 26, 2011 - October 15, 2016

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We had to make the very difficult decision to let Baloo go yesterday morning. Baloo had struggled with urinary track infections, crystals and a blockage throughout his whole life (starting at the age of 1 year old), he started urinating throughout the house (especially on the bed) and after taking him to the vet several times, the vet found a urinary track infection flare up again, we got antibiotics for it and treated it, he was put back on Science Diet prescription C\D canned cat food again, he had been on valium before and it did not work. He had been to 3 different vets and each one diagnosed it as medical and behavioral. We tried every litter I could get my hands on, Cat's Attract Litter too, different litter boxes, sizes, no litter mat, with a litter mat, puppy training pads by the litter box, in the litter box, nothing in the litter box at all, different locations, he has had 4 owners (I was his 2nd), I rehomed him twice in vain to see if a new home would help. His inconvenience caused him to be abused in his 4th home. The list goes on and on....I believe Baloo might of suffered a second blockage, he was in a lot of mental and physical pain. There was nothing his vet could do to save Baloo. I took on Baloo knowing he had all these problems, I fought them in vain for 1.1 years. He would of been euthanized if I had not taken him I think. It takes a village to want to deal with a animal like that. He ruined my mattress, sheets, comforter, bags, a pillow, a previous laptop sleeve, several blankets, a cat carrier, towels, a cat bed, CDs, books, magazines, a chair, clothes, rugs, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

I loved him too much to disown him. One thing I really loved about Baloo was that, dispute the horrible inconvenience, no one but me could work with him. It's like we were in this all alone. No help needed. We helped each other where no one could, we both had bad shit to deal with, but at the end of the day we were always there for each other. He taught me everything I needed to I just have to learn how to go on without him.

Baloo was a excellant fatherly figure towards Cordoba.

" He came into your heart one day,
so beautiful and smart,
A dear and sweet companion,
You loved him from the start.
And although you knew the time would come,
when you'd have to part,
He'll never be forgotten,
he left paw prints on your heart. "
- Unknown.

" What will I do without you my precious friend? Part mischief but all blessing. I loved you to the end. A few short years is all we had, then one day we had to part. You will always be my loving friend, you'll forever have my heart".

Rest in peace, my darling boy. I will always love you....even if I can't see you.

Ragdoll Mommy~

Friday, October 14, 2016

Review Day: The 'Bridge' Genuine Leather Cat Collar from BastardCat!

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Hi Everyone,

I was given the wonderful opportunity to work with BastardCat to bring you our review for their cat collar called the 'Bridge'. The Bridge is hand stitched from genuine leather and all cat collars made by BastardCat are equipped with a breakaway mechanism. It is the kind of breakaway that is now less common, instead of the collar actually snapping open when the animal gets stuck on something, this collar stretches wide when the animal gets caught on something. Their collars are made with cat bells too.

The Bridge is one of a kind and this was the last one available. I really think that its a beautiful masterpiece. This is not your cheap, crappy, "fall apart" collars from Petsmart, Petco, etc. Not made in China. United States made and an absolutely gorgeous piece. BastardCat has a small collection of different collar varieties and they can custom make something for you too.
This is what BastardCat has to say about their very unique cat collars:

Each cat collar that we make is a one of a kind and created 100% from scratch by our hands. Made of genuine leather and hand stitched with a waxed leather thread. Each collar has a metal buckle fastener and a metal ring for tags. And most importantly, all of our cat collars are equipped with a safety BREAK-AWAY ring for your cat’s safety. Each collar has an 1/8" thick little rubber ring that stretches and breaks if the cat got caught and needed to pull herself out of it.

The main reason we started making leather collar for cats was when our crazy little Oona came into our lives, we could not find any high quality leather collars for cat with break-aways so we decided to make them ourselves. 

Right now, BastardCat has 6 different collar options. All are very beautiful and I'm sure are as durable as mine. They run at $35.00 USDA dollars a piece. I know, you are all probably saying that is very expensive for a cat collar, but believe me - it is very worth it. $35 is actually a pretty fair price for genuine leather. Personally, I think that $35 is low for this well of quality though. No complaints though, haha.


* Fast shipping.

* Friendly customer service.

* Absolutely eye catching.

* Made with genuine leather.

* Various choices to choose from.

* It has a breakaway mechanism.

* It fits all of the cats (I haven't tried it on Cordoba yet, but she is not with me right now).

* It has a bell to keep cats from catching birds\other wild life.

* Sturdy.

* Outstanding quality.

* Very soft leather.

* It has padded around the inside of the neck leather to prevent sore necks, especially when they're on the leash, outside, etc.

* Hand made.

* Made in the USA.

* All of the cats love it and look good in it.


* The breakaway mechanism is actually pretty poor. It is a thick rubber band that stretches when the cat gets caught on something and is suppose to widen the collar to the point that the cat can slip away. I just retired a collar of Angel's that had the slip lock ring. It was elastic though and actually worked. This one does not, the cat would have to be either very heavy or hanging from a heavy object in order for this to work.
I am all for safety measures, but this ring truly concerns me. If you own indoor cats that are only allowed outside with supervision (like mine are) then it would probably be okay, but if your cats are outdoor cats, I'd be very careful.

Suggestions\improvements I'd like to see in this product:

* Different slip lock safety ring.

* Thicker leather.

Over all, the cats and I rate this a 5 star product. I will be buying some in the future.

Note: BastardCat agreed to sending me a free product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and photos are my own.

Ragdoll Mommy~

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Renato: 2 Years Ago

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Poor little Renato died 2 years ago today. It was still unexpected and scaring...he was only 4 months old. We miss you, Renato.

Ragdoll Mommy~

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Good Old Times

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The AC broke one fall and we had the windows open....Nico cooled off by lying on the tile. Nico, we miss you.

Anya stayed in the shadows.

Ragdoll Mommy~

Monday, October 10, 2016

What Is a Blaze on a Ragdoll Cat?

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A lot of people ask what a blaze on a Ragdoll cat is, a blaze is not a mismark in our association (TICA) as a lot of people seem to believe. A blaze simply means the cat has a white spot or stripe on its face.

There are 3 different types of blazes in Ragdoll cats:


The 'star' is a white spot on the forehead and looks like this.
This is not my photo. This is a seal mitted Ragdoll with a star blaze.


The 'diamond' is basically a larger star on the forehead.

This is not my photo. This is a seal mitted Ragdoll with a diamond blaze.


The 'hourglass' is my own personal favorite type of blaze ever. This is why I picked Cordoba (pictured below). Cordoba actually has a 'broken' hourglass blaze, which means the blaze is not connected. The white spot on her lip is a fault and is not part of the blaze itself, unfortunately Ragdolls' with blazes of any type often have and produce too much white on the body making the cat throw mismarked kittens and it may have too much white itself as stated above. Cordoba has too high of boots and mismatched mittens. Anya (who does not have a blaze) has perfect mittens and perfect boots. Renato (circa 2014) did not have a blaze either, but his mittens were uneven too and his boots were worse than Cordoba's.
This is my photo (its Cordoba). She is a seal mitted Ragdoll with a broken hourglass blaze.

Not my photo. Seal mitted without a blaze. Renato would of looked like this if he lived.

This is my photo. Anya of course, Anya is a blue mitted without a blaze.
No blaze is the most common and I prefer this look....Anya started the Mitted pattern for me!

Only Mitted Ragdolls can have blazes. Colorpoints are not suppose to have any white anywhere and any white is a disqualifying fault. Bicolors have an inverted 'v' of white on their faces, but it is not a blaze.

Ragdoll Mommy~

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Review Day: Merrick Backcountry Freeze Dried Raw Cat Treats from Chewy.Com

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Hi Everyone!

Wow I can not believe it is already October! Where did this year go? End of this month is Star and Saphira's 10th anniversary and my birthday. Anyways, I was suppose to have this review down for September, but I forgot to hit 'save'. Whoops...

I was sent the Merrick Backcountry Freeze Dried Cat Treats in the flavor of chicken (it also comes in salmon). It is a 1 oz bag but contains a lot of treats and of course you can break them up for even more. It is a grain free treat and the salmon variety contains no poultry, perfect for cats who are allergic to poultry. Both flavors are in the 1 oz bag and are $2.49 each.

Crappy pictures...I know but they were taken at night.

I absolutely love this picture.

Not sure if anyone but me can read that. Haha.


"I might be blind, but I know where that treat is! "

" Cocaaaaaaine".

" Your offer is a disgrace".


* Fast shipping.

* Good customer service.

* 3 out of 4 liked it....Star would it eat every now and again.

* Comes in two flavors.

* Grain free.

* The salmon has no poultry.


* I wish it came in a larger bag.

* If only picky old Star would eat it as much as the other 3. Star use to be my best eater.

Ragdoll Mommy~