Saturday, August 31, 2013

It's kinda a funny story...............

Good morning everyone! Today is brought to you by me (Anya).Anyway I got something to tell ya'!! You know my older sister Lady,right? Well she (mom already knows this).Anyway Lady has no tail at all!! Can you believe it? I sure can't! Wait...I actually hate Lady!!! Why? Well my dear furfriends of blogger or Google+plus or wherever you came from lol!;) 
Here is a picture of me (Anya) and Lady.Lady is the black mixed-breed cat........And I am the beautiful blue mitted Ragdoll cat!!:-) don't even start that "aww look at the adorable kitty cats!! Crap I here from you guys....ugh. Makes me Absolutely sick!! As you know I hate her!! Why do I hate her so much? Well...Here's the story:So this was last weekend.Anyway.Mom went to go clean our food and water bolws.And she comes back from cleaning them (peep #1 Ragdoll mommy) was cleaning them.Anywho she comes back in to the bedroom where our bolws are kept and puts them down on the floor.And Lady was under the bed (Scaredy cat lol!) and I was walking right behind mom (me&Nico follow our peeps from room to room.Part of our breed the Ragdoll) But Lady comes out from under the bed because mom put a little bit of food in her bolw to make her come out.And Lady comes at mom to be petted.But I was tired of gettin' no time from mom anymore.....So I jump out at Lady's face and I just whipped her sorry ass!!!! Woo hoo yay I role!! LOL!! And mom breaks up the fight.And good news I'm okay!! Lol.
Look how sexy I am!
This is what I did to Lady! Lol.I got her good! But of course this is my catnip filled toy:-)
Woo.That was fun! Ps:that was the end of the story;)
Meow!! Round house kick to the face!! Lol
Wha do you mean "we are gettin' another cat?!?" 
Me givin' you a sexy wink;)

Friday, August 30, 2013

I'm BACK!!!

Hi,everyone! I am so sorry for not blogging for a few days! Our Internet was down! Stupid thing lol.Anyway I am so happy to be back!!
Saphira got a new collar!! Isn't it nice?! Have a great day.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Life lives on in the golden fields of heaven.

Run free my baby.mommy loves you!
I love you,Tadpole.And I can't stop missing you!

something "Annoying?".Easy my iPad!!

Hi,everyone today is a very annoying day.Why? well you see I was going to post on my iPad, today for my blog,but it died (needs to charge!) so I had to type my post for today on the lap-top,which I never even use to post on!! lol.And I can't post pictures because I have none on my lap-top of my cats\Ragdolls.But I think later on when my iPad is charged up all the way I'll post a few pictures of my cats\Ragdolls.But until then,goodbye everyone.But see ya soon! Love RM&the babies.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Love never dies...................

Hi everyone.Today is one of the saddest day's of my life. Why? Well you see,this morning I went over to,"Cat chat".(Cody's blog).To read up on his post for today.And I see/read this: Homer from (homer's odyssey).Has sadly past away.I am deeply sorry! Here is a little tidbit to homer.
This is Homer's odyssey.
This is Homer.He is blind.And has no eyes. Here is my saying to Homer:Homer we are sad that you have gone to the bridge,we are happy that we got to spend our life with you,we are sad you are no longer here with us,Homer you were/are a wonderful little,feline.Homer why did you have to leave us? Homer you didn't suffer did you,my little cat? Homer rest in god's arms my little cat,for you are no longer in pain and suffering.Homer we will never forget you my little cat.We don't understand why you had to leave us behind,we wonder where your at.Oh did,you say "heaven?" My little cat? Oh then we are glad we got to spend our life with you my little cat.Goodbye may seem forever,farewell is like the end,but in my heart the memories,and than they will always be.Rest in peace my beloved little cat:

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Saturday, August 24, 2013

mom put the "Lazy" in "Lazy Saturday" lol......

Hi,everyone! I know I already posted today,but I just wanted to tell you something.*Um* err.....Well, I'm, sorry for posting/blogging lately (late in the morning),(11.oo Am,or somethin' lol).So anyway.*Um*.....sorry I guess lol.And I'm really sorry for kinda lackin' with keepin' up on you guy's blogs :( have a great one,take care.

Lazy Saturday.

Hi,everyone! Today is lazy Saturday.And I'm still sick with a cold:-( So I'm not going to be doin' much.Oh,and I've been blogging/posting kinda later recently:-( Well I have been/am sick,and busy and such.So here is a few pictures of my cats.
Anya.Showin'off lol!
Nico&Anya playing with their toys.
Saphira.Drinking out of my cup!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

It's kinda a funny story...........

Good morning everyone! Today I'm going to tell about this crazy story that happened about *um* a week ago? 
So me and Anya were asleep, because it was a early morning on a weekend,it was about late dawn or so.Anyway we were both in bed asleep until this stupid bird smashed in to my bedroom window!!! So Anya jumps off my bed and jumps on to my window ledge thingy,but as she jumps up on,to it she falls "*face first*" in to the window LOL!!! So I get up and see if Anya is okay which she is,thank god!!! Woo hoo for Anya being okay! Bye everyone but see you soon! Love RM&the babies:-) 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thankful Thursday.

Hey,everyone!  Today is Thankful Thursday! Woo hoo! Yay!  We are thankful that our mom (Ragdoll mommy,).Well anyway she has gotten a new cat on the 18th of this month! And we are thankful for that,we have a new Sister!
Saphira,Havin' FUN in her paper bag!!! Bye everyone, but see ya soon! Xoxo RM& *wave paws* the babies.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Extinct means their gone FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

Hi,everyone! Today was Supposed to be "Tadpole Tuesday".But I have other ideas.I wanted to tell you,about this beautiful animal.It's called a "Snow leopard".They are a wild cat,who lives in the snowy, Mountains of Asia and Siberia.And they are very very very rare.I'd say only about one out of five people,would ever see one in the wild!! And they are almost extinct!!!! Because people are killing them,when it is a legal! They kill them for their beautiful coats for people to wear them. And  their bones for Medicine.And they need help before it's all to late!!! Here are pictures of snow leopards.
Aren't they,beautiful?
They are only about 700 to 3,000 snow leopards left in the wild! Please help these  beautiful animals!!!
Just look at those sweet baby faces! 
Please help them! Before it's all to late!!!
Look at those horrible people killing that Gorgeous animal!!!! This is Awful!!
How can we not help save these animals? Just look how beautiful they are and how much they mean to Each other and us!!! Save the snow leopard!!!
Does this baby Deserve to be Shot and killed?!?! I think NOT!!!!
Save this

beautiful cat!
Grrr! Lol.We hope you loved the info and the pictures.Love RM&the babies.


Monday, August 19, 2013

Nico&Anya's Parents!!

Good morning everyone! I don't know if I already posted this.But I wanted to tell you it:-) So who would,like to see pictures of Nico&Anya's parents?!?! Here they are:-)
Here is the,father.His name is Mr Blue.He is 100% Ragdoll.He is a Blue mitted.(Like his daughter Anya).He is the,father of both my Ragdolls (Nico&Anya).
Here is the,mother.Her name is Queen Alexandria.But they called her Alex,for short.She is 100% Ragdoll.She is,a blue mitted (like her daughter Anya).She is the mother of both my Ragdolls (Nico&Anya).
Here is the Mother again.
They produced beautiful babies! Here is Nico&Anya as kittens:-) in 2008.My Ragdolls (Nico&Anya) were born,in 2008.
Without Mr blue&Queen Alexandra.I wouldn't have had these beautiful&Handsome babies! (Anya)
Nico is on top.And Anya is under.
Anya.Goodbye everyone, but see you soon! Love Ragdoll mommy&the crew!