Monday, March 31, 2014

A Very Domesticated Animal (A.K.A ME!!) And Poor Saphira, plus a bonus.....

9:46 PM, Sunday 2014,

It started out with me having dinner (hours ago) then going to grab a coke, then sat down on the couch (6:30-ish ago), then to play Call Of Duty Ghosts (what? A girl like me likes a bit of video games occasionally;-) Then at 9:20-ish I went to go get our iPad so I could catch up on a few blogs I follow.  Then finally at about 9:46-ish, I hear this creepy ass weird noise outside; all 3 windows in the living room were opened, so I quickly go to shut them all. It made me jump like a 5 year old girl that I once was, lol. But boy did it scare me and Saphira.

Speaking of Saphira, she burned all 4 paws on the stove:-( 
We turned off the stove after dinner was made, but it was still hot and she didn't know that, so she jumped up on it and burned her paws; all 4 are red. She is not allowed on the stove/counter tops, (same goes for the other 3) but she got up there anyway and, well let's just say she now has some minor burns. I did rinse her paws in cold water (pain in my ass, but I got it done), then later I put neosporin on her burns. She should be okay, as she has gotten a hook in her paw before; by accident, in 2010? 
This crazy ass cat on Saturday watching a lizard outside the window in the bathroom.

The Florida Gators won on Saturday against Dayton. Yay! #Go Gators!

Remember Leo from October of 2013? Well, it turns out that a few weekends ago we found out that she was indeed pregnant (again). Just Saturday night or early Sunday morning, Leo had her babies. We have no idea where they are at, but we know that she indeed had them, as she looks about 5+ pounds lighter than she was before, lol.

Sunday we did some minor home improvements on the house; I.e, painting, sanding, and stuff like that.


Ragdoll Mommy~

Saturday, March 29, 2014

PhotoHunters: "Bird"

Today's PhotoHunt theme is "Bird". See our beautiful bird (chick), s/he is my favorite bird. S/he is such a pretty bird. 

Check out more Photohunters Here!

Psst: I'm sorry I blogged so late; I was sick last nite, and its the weekend, don't judge me!

Ragdoll Mommy~ 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Because You Don't Know What To Write About..........(But Some How You Managed To Do It. )

So, do you ever get the feeling that you have nothing to write about, but you still want to ran your mouth anyways? Regardless if a post is gonna be good or not? Like me basically. Yeah, that's what's happening to me right now, I want to be able to write something other then this, but I failed--epically now, lol.
This blog of mine is suppose to be entertaining, but not today. So when times like this happen, I ask myself "was this really worth the trouble? Does anyone really wanna read this bullshit?" And as if I'm talking to a completely different person, they reply with a "no, absolutely no; just come back Saturday and then write something awesome!" I feel if that's what I should do, but I rarely if ever do it. Because its simply really--I feel totally lost without writing at least once a day. This blog of mine has literally became one of my greatest passions. Before I started blogging, I didn't have this problem obviously; but if I never started, then I'd have no more Photohunts (which I'm really enjoying), no more followers, no more readers, no more comments, okay let's just say life would be shitty. 
Well, I guess today would be a good time to catch up on my awards I haven't written about   I need to write about.
Because I'm just that sweet? I'm not sure what's the point of this one. 
Well, uh, when ya' put it that way. I am pretty, smart, cute, funny as shit can get, smart, cute, funny, (ever noticed how I keep repeating myself? :-) And a Florida Gator's fan, can ya' get any better than that?!?!!? Nope, I think I took it all! LOL!
For standing up to animal cruelty. 
Because I'm just too kool.
Because I started mine in 2013.
And another one of these!

11 things 'bout me!

1: Blue is my favorite color.

2: I started my blog on July, 14th Sunday, 2013. 

3: It's "Life with Ragdolls" not "Life With Ragdolls" for months I've been spelling it like that, and I'm the author and I wasn't even aware of it! Lol.

4: Coke tastes better then Pepsi. End of discussion.

5: Dr. Pepper tastes like shit, and no I haven't tried actual shit. Who does?!

6: Diet coke is nasty.

7: Coke is my favorite soda. Period. You can't get better than that.

8: Vanilla coke is the shit. Diet coke tastes like shit.

9: I still have a few awards I need to write about; I've been busy.

10: I've never been out of the United States.

11: Why were most of those about soda?

Guess I found something to write about after all....

Thursday, March 27, 2014

That's What SHE Said!

Psst: On last Saturday, The Florida Gators won against Pittsburgh; Gators scored 61! Pittsburgh on the hand only scored a 45. Losers!! ), so The Gators obviously won this one!

#Go Gators!

**Gator Chomp**,
Ragdoll Mommy~

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Reviews From Chewy. Com:


Today we have another review for you guys today, this time we did a review for one of our favorite companies, Chewy.ComThey let us do a review for two kinds of cat treats, one from Hill's Science Diet, and one from Orijen cat treats! If you haven't given your cat Orijen cat treats, then I highly recommend that you do!  Cats absolutely love them!! In fact Star, Saphira, Nico, and Anya loved them so much that they literally demolished them in one day! And no, I'm not the kind of person who gives their pets endless treats on end, my lil' f#cks got into them when they were on my nightstand one day while I wasn't home, and no they didn't just take a few and leave, they took them all and then left. If you're wanting to know which Iil' f#cks did this, then it was my littlest f#cks, (A.K.A Nico&Anya). I know that because the two older f#cks (A.K.A Star&Saphira) would have eaten them all and then hid the bag somewhere where it would take me months on end to find out and who did it. They are experienced f#cks, unlike Nico&Anya where they just left the bag sitting on the floor right where I could see it, LOL!
Naughty Iil' sh#t-heads! 
Yeah, you see this? They ate them all before I had the chance to do the review for them!!
I'm just grateful I at least remembered to take the pictures so I could write the review! That was 364 cat treats!!! Well, on the bright side at least these are pretty much just freeze dried chicken and chicken liver! Which is actually pretty good; I'm NOT lying, I actually tried one (or two....) they are pretty darn good actually....

I wonder if Orijen has ever tried making these for people? In my opinion, they should as these are delicious--just sayin'.....

I wish I had a picture of the cats eating them, but I don't as they well, ate every last single one! Ugh, cats, no offense Star, Saphira, Nico, and Anya!


* Fast shipping and friendly customer service.

* Good prices.

* GREAT ingredients!

* Cats obviously loved them!

* Soft and easy to break up for training/splitting up; and when I said splitting up, I meant for like when there's only one left and I needed to split it between 4 cats. But in this case that didn't need to have happened (scroll up).

* No nasty ingredients or artificial flavors or colors.


* The answer is: n.o.t.h.i.n.g! 


As for the Hill's Science Diet cat treats, the cats didn't really care for them too much. 
But on the bright side, they're all natural and made in the USA. 
The cat treats.
Star did get curious when I opened them though.
Now these I didn't try. 'Cause they got a few nasty ingredients in them, but then again I ate chicken liver cat treats!
Star going in for the kill, lol.


* Fast shipping and friendly customer service.

* The ingredients were okay, I guess.

* They actually smelt kinda nice.

* Good prices!


* Cats disliked them; but every cat is different, like people.

* A few not-so-good-ingredients.


Ragdoll Mommy~ 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We Won An Aword!

"A negative mind will never give you a positive life"
-Unknown author


Looky, what I won sometime back in November of 2013 (forgot to write about). 

List a 11 random facts about myself, thank the blogger that gave you the award, and all the jazz, yeah, I've done this a few times, so nothin' too new;-)

11 random things about ME! :

1: I take the "R" and "L" earbuds pretty seriously...

2: I secretly hate it when people leave comments on older posts, its not that I don't appreciate your visit and comment(s), its just that I have to go look for them and reply to them. Like my new content isn't good enough for you. I'm just kidding. ;-)
Guess that isn't a secret anymore....

3: I always wonder why there's no "mice flavor" cat food. 

4: I have at least 6 other blog awards that I haven't written about; need to do that...

5: I've been blogging for 8 months.

6: I actually still use my iPod Nano, what? It's a classic. Lol

7: I own 3 iPods. ( iPod Nano 3G, iPod Touch 3G, iPod Touch 4G.)

8:  I hate laundry, dishes, working when its hot out, etc--the list goes on and on.

9: People say I don't know how to talk to people, bullshit. I do. Just because I'm an introvert person that doesn't mean I don't know how to interact with people. Okay, I admit that I'm kinda shy around new people, but that doesn't mean I shy away from the people I know. I laugh with people, I talk to people, I dislike some people, I like certain people, I can be honest with people, I can smile with 
people or at them. I might be a tad-bit shy, but I'm no anti-social.

10: I love late-night texting.

11: I'm a "Coke-Addict"....

Now I am suppose to give this award to at least 11 other blogs, or something along those lines, but I'm only gonna give this to 5 other blogs. Sorry.

Our friend BostonBoy at Blogzilla 
Our friends Laila and Minchie at Cat-A-Holic
Our friend Meowmeowmens at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life
Our friends Roxy and Tigerlino at Purrfectkitties
Our friends Goro and Niko and their Mom Tamago at Gorogoro & Nikoniko


Ragdoll Mommy~

Monday, March 24, 2014

Review Day:

Hey guys!

Today is another review day! Yay! How awesome is that?! 

As many of you know I am a huge fan of the pet product company Mirage, they make cat collars, dog collars, dog leashes, cat leashes, harnesses, etc. I've actually bought a cat collar from them for Anya--well, the collar came from Amazon. Com but it was still made by Mirage. I was a bit disappointed on the collar I bought as it didn't fit; and it was a size 10, well there goes $25 dollars down the drain, lol. I admit, I was awfully disappointed:-/ Oh well, life goes on; well, for some people..... 
But regardless the quality wasn't that bad. I love the collar I bought Anya, I always dream of her wearing it and actually fitting in it, maybe some dreams just never come true--**sigh**. Anyways, I wish I had a picture of Anya's collar/Anya wearing it to put in this review post I'm writing, if only the collar could be included in this review. 

NOTE: This collar's disappointment has nothing to do with Mirage (The company) and nothing to do with this review; as this collar was not a review, I plaid $25 dollars for it so this is no review. I am not writing this post with the collar to try and get out of writing it for the review I am about to do, its not the company's fault I didn't measure Anya's neck in the first place--its my fault. I take full responsibility knowing that I should of measured Anya's neck before buying it. Comments saying that Mirage should have given me a gift card and/or my money back will be deleted, they already offered me a bigger size; with the cost of shipping; I didn't take it. I knew it was my fault; well, now I know that it was, so I guess I felt kinda guilty for them offering me a bigger size, ugh I don't know what I felt. But I hesitated taking it, and therefore never did.

Now, let's get to that review I did to do! Lol.

This is a cat or dog harness in case I didn't say, **looks up** whoops, guess I forgot to. This beautiful harness comes in 8 different colors; Blue, Gold, Silver (the one I reviewed), Red, White,  Purple, Pink, and last but certainly not least Black. The color Silver was my first favorite, so I decided I'd do the review for that one. Well, actually Blue is my real favorite color.
This harness comes from Collar Planet
By the way, did I mention that these harnesses have crystals in them? Its true, they do; the one I reviewed has 48 crystals in it, now I might've miscounted but I'm pretty sure that 48 was pretty accurate, in fact if I've counted right then yes, I am right, how good am I? Lol. 
And yes, these crystals are real indeed they are. In fact they're Handset Australian Crystals!! To me crystals are very valuable and just one of the prettiest things on this planet. I love crystals, and yes diamonds are crystals; I am no crystallographer (someone who studies crystals, though I think that would be a bad ass job/hobby! ), but I do know that these are real crystals, how to tell? Easy--but first since these crystals are small so it maybe harder to do then with bigger ones, but anyway--do your crystals make a sparkling effect when they hit the light? Preferably the sun? If so then they may be actual crystals you got there! If not its likely that some lil' bast*rd has ripped you off; its likely that it's a fake glass crystal(s) to make it look the the real thing, when really it's not. Another way to tell is to gently (very gently) scratch your fingernail acrossed your so-called-crystal or crystals; warning: may not be the brightest idea if your so-called-crystal(s) is on a wedding ring or something that you might've paid hundreds or even thousands of dollars for, as this may leave a very tiny scratch on it; but like I said if  you're gently its unlikely that this will happen. Another way to tell is to gently and I mean gently bang it against something or someone jk! (Just kidding.) but anyway, gently bang it against something or gently tap it with a ink pen (do not use the actual ink pen part that you write with; there is a possibility that it will scratch your so-called-crystals with the ink and leave a nasty mark, trust me you don't want that happening! ), so gently tap it, if it breaks-- well, then it breaks, but it probably won't. If it chips, then it's probably just plain old glass, if it doesn't it may be a crystal. Or you could always ask a crystallographer! (someone who studies crystals), lol. 
The blue crystals of my bracelet are fake; but beautiful, the ones in Anya's harness are real and beautiful. See the difference? The ones in my bracelet look like glass or a plastic type material, now on the other hand the ones in Anya's harness are real, I don't think they are man-made; meaning that they were made by man not by nature. Beautiful regardless of what they are. I absolutely love crystals. Period. End of discussion. 

Anya looks absolutely beautiful in this harness, here's a pic:
I know she's kinda hiding herself from the camera, because after all--who wants to pose for a picture that's going all over the internet for millions of people you don't even know to see?
Around da neck.
The back.


* Actually made in the U.S.A--very, very, rare these days! 

* Real Handset Australian Crystals.

* Fast shipping and friendly costumer service.

* Nicely made.

* Great company.

* Great Quality.

* Lots of colors to choose from.

* Just a great harness over all.


* I disliked the way the straps on it went in to adjusted. 

* Kinda a pain to put on.

* The silvery material used to make the harness was almost like this tin-foilly feeling, and it does leave marks on the harness the more times you use it.

I am 98% satisfied with this harness.

Ps: this harness is made by Mirage, but we reviewed it from Collar Planet. 
Ps: this is a "Comfort harness".
Ps: this harness is $23.99 dollars. 


Ragdoll Mommy~

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Photohunters: Focus

Today's PhotoHunt is "Focus"
See the way my beautiful blue-green eyes focus on the camera? 

Ps: I thought eyes were a good picture for this weekend; enjoy!
NOTE: my eyes are not fake, they have never wore any contacts or anything else, I'm a natural. I think they're the most beautiful eyes I've EVER focused on. ;-)

What color are your eyes???

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Friday, March 21, 2014

It's That Time Of Week Again--Review Day, Yay! :

Hi Everyone!

Today is another review day, yay! This time we got to review an awesome cat toy for Star and Saphira, how cool is that?! Now let's stop bragging and get blogging.

Go check them out Here!

So, my favorite thing about this toy is the fact that it's The Florida Gators's color. (Orange and Blue), which makes it all the better, 'cause I mean who doesn't love The Florida Gators? Well, I'm sure some people, but come on; you at least have to hate FSU, 'cause what Football team isn't  garnet and gold? And it's ugly! How can you be so uncreative, unoriginal, and down right ugly? C'mon, it's time you get your ass up n' start being creative! Get creative colors, like Orange and Blue. Go Gators!

Anyways, so this toy is off to a pretty darn good start, LOL!
The first Gator toy my cats have gotten.
Even Star-Uh-Doo (Star) likes it, as she can be a bit picky when it comes to toys--no offense Star!

Here's a bit about the toy:

If you would like more than one of these or a combination of toys from my store, Please convo me and I will put a reserved listing up for you with that amount of toys.

These cat toys are a design of mine. They are made of a very heavy fabric 
Called Velboa, it is a very short fake fur. Because the fur is short you don’t have to worry about your cat ingesting a lot of fur and getting sick. Cats love these, the triangle shape allows the cats to bat them all over the floor and the feather is just a bonus. These come with 6 grams of catnip (enough to fill it a couple of time), If 6gm is not enough for your kitty I also sell 28gm bags in my store. My cats will play with them until they are just soaking wet (they dry just fine). I have a couple of these that have been floating around the house for over 6 months and the cats still keep coming back to them because the catnip has not lost its scent. Your cats will absolutely love this toy so buy a couple. These come in many colors, Please let me choose one for you.

I have many cat toys listed in my store, I will combine shipping so please take a look at all of my cat toy line. I have some very different and fun toys to

Cats do love these toys! My cats love them a lot!! Just ask Star, Saphira, Nico, and Anya yourselves! 
And they come at a great price; just  $3 dollars. That's it. It does come with a small bag of organic catnip as well, what more could you ask for?!?!
Anya The Catnip Addict!!
Star absolutely LOVES this toy!!


*Not bad on the shipping

* Friendly costumer service

* Hand made

* Made with Organic catnip

* Strong

* Cats love 'em

* Florida Gator colors, baby!


* N.o.t.h.i.n.g!


Ragdoll Mommy~

Thursday, March 20, 2014

That Sexy Man Of Mine


Note: Nico is NOT an outside cat (none of my cats are), he was just playing outside in his pen; I was watching all 3 of them 24/7 (Star, Saphira, Nico). 

Ragdoll Mommy~

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Purrs n' Prayers Needed Now! (Anya is VERY ill)


Anya is really ill:-( She vomited 7+ times on Monday night, and it was Macaroni n' cheese color, then on the same night she vomited white foam stuff. She had little to no appetite on Tuesday morning when I fed her. She was growling at me, Nico, Star, and Saphira last night, she didn't want to be touched anywhere last night, she visited the litter boxes like 50+ times in under an hour on Monday night; she has been straining to urinate. She's been having diarrhea some too. She hasn't been playing at all. I think she has a UTI (Urinary Track Infection) or a bladder infection.
Her mouse was the only thing she was willing to play with, well hold at least.
Nico is super worried about his sister.

We will see how she does over the week; if this doesn't improve or gets worse then its time for a trip to the vet. 

We are hoping for the best but expecting the worst. In the mean time, please purr and pray for Anya. 


Ragdoll Mommy~

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tadpole Tuesday and Happy (be late) St. Patrick's Day, everyone!

"Have faith that things will work out, maybe not how you planned but how its meant to be....."
--Unknown author 


Now, Happy (be late) St. Patrick's Day, everyone! Sorry we didn't get to post about it yesterday, as we were celebrating our 8-month anniversary with our blog.
Now, who's ready for our St. Patrick's Day photos?
Star knows how to get her party on!
As does Saphira as well.
Nico does too.
And who could forget about Anya?

And for those of you that missed our St. Patrick's Day blog header.

Note: our blog header will change back to normal sometime today.
Ps: I made all of those photos on Sunday.

Which of these photos is your favorite?--and why?


Ragdoll Mommy~

Monday, March 17, 2014

Glad Ya' Stuck With It? Sure Am!

Look what just turned 8-months! You ask what's that? Our peach tree? No, it's Life with Ragdolls! Yup, that's right my blog turned 8-months old on March 14th, 2014. Gosh, it seems just yesterday I was trying to decided what to write about; no wait, I was, but I was talking about how I came to write this blog of mine. It was hard to do, not just to decided what to write about, but also how to find new followers, etc. It was hard, really it was; but look at me now, I stuck with this--didn't I? 
I remember some time in August (or maybe it was late July?) I don't remember (hypocrite, I literally just said that I remembered that time, geez, Ragdoll Mommy), well anyways I was struggling to reach 100 page reviews, now look at me with my 23,911 page reviews! Think I nailed it? Sure did.

So what made me stick with what I wrote down? Easy enough for me--one word; "hope". Yup, "hope" that I'd nail that 100 page review thing right, Ragdoll Mommy? Lol, jk (just kidding!). Actually no, I continued because I enjoyed doing what I was doing, regardless if someone else didn't do so. 
I actually started out blogging for other people, yeah you heard that right. I wanted other people to know about Nico&Anya; because whenever we go places with them everyone wants my cats, lol) so I thought a blog might help with people seeing them. Turns out I'm now blogging for me. I have literally started 4 blogs in under a year, all trying to be more popular than my first ever one--Life with Ragdolls. I thought I wasn't succeeding where others have failed (tell you that story some other day), no I just meant succeeding with this blog. Honestly, I would have seriously stopped doing what I was doing in, probably about 4-weeks (maybe, if I was lucky enough), I was giving myself the good old treatment called "low confidence". Why? Good question, for somethings we may never know. 
Now I can't even imagine my life without my blog. I adore my blog, my followers, my page reviews, my subscribers, my readers, my comments, everything. It's all a gift that I have once again achieved, (with the help of you guys obviously.....)

Now this content comes from deep in my heart, so I'm gonna publish this before I might change my mind. **wink wink**


Ragdoll Mommy, Star, Saphira, Nico and last but certainly not least Anya~

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Photo Hunters: Deluxe

Today's Photo Hunt theme is Deluxe. 
My blue-green bracelet is so deluxe, I love it. 

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Ragdoll Mommy~