Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ragdoll Mommy NEEDS Help---Again

Help, what do dreams about kittens mean? I had two dreams about Star and Saphira as kittens--same dream, just dreamed it twice. But why are they kittens, but I'm the same age that I am now??? You'd think that if they were kittens, then I'd be a lot younger as well?

I hear dreams about kittens are bad and something bad might happen. Black cats in your dreams are even worse. Saphira is black and white!

Anyways, I'm walking them both are a harness and leash, and then, I woke up. 

One word: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!

Note: please don't just tell me that I'm just "remembering good ol' times"--yea, right. I take all of my dreams pretty seriously, so please--no kidding around.


Ragdoll Mommy~

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tadpole Tuesday

"True love doesn't have a happy ending, because true love never ends. Letting go is one way of saying I love you."
~ Unknown

Ragdoll Mommy~

Sunday, February 23, 2014


First, thank you to all who was brave enough to comment on yesterday's post, lol. And no, Anya didn't have catnip or an infection or any of that. 

By the way, about two or three days ago, someone called themselves dumb; just because they didn't know if all Ragdolls have blue eyes or not--its ok, don't be so hard on yourself. Seriously, its really bad for yourself to call yourself dumb, stupid, a retard, etc. just because you didn't know something, that doesn't mean you're dumb. So relax. Know that NO one is perfect. For we are human
But anyway, the traditional Ragdolls always have blue eyes--there's other stuff about that too. Talk about that stuff some other time.

Anyway, I received a comment today about; well, I thought it was kinda mean or they were being a total turd. Be nice, and know that I can like purebred cats better than mutt cats. So lay off.


Ragdoll Mommy~


Saturday, February 22, 2014


This cat was acting very bizarre last night. I went in my room with her to brush her as her hair was everywhere, so I was just brushing her and she was just purring; what she always does, so I just continued with what I was doing, she then rolled over so I just pet her stomach. She then rolled over again, and purred then climbed into my lap; extremely rare. I didn't dare move, this shit is too rare to mess it up, while she was sitting in my lap she did this very weird meow; I have never heard her do this before, in fact if I didn't know her I would have no idea what had made that noise! I just petted her, she then PURRED like there was no tomorrow! She then rubbed her face on me and the floor, I petted her harder than I've ever done, she loved that. Then she made very weird noises. Then I picked her up, she loved that; Anya doesn't really like being held!! 
Then I put her back on the floor, she rolled over and I petted her head, she then pissed on the floor; at the time I was unaware of this. So I petted her some more. She then became the most AFFECTIONATE cat in the world!!!!

Don't tell me this was just her being very affectionate, I've never seen this before!

I Googled this afterwards, this was what they thought about Anya's bizarre behavior:

* Cat in heat.

* Cat orgasm.

Anya is NOT in heat; she is spayed. 

Can a cat even have an orgasm??? Didn't know what this was, had to Google it. I actually regret doing that, lol. 


Ragdoll Mommy.......

Note: please, no nasty comments about that kind of stuff. I will delete them. Please just tell me want I did to my cat. Thanks.

Friday, February 21, 2014

The racistness that people bitch about, just because of my cat's Mitted parents

So, a while ago I read somewhere that Nico (my Blue Bicolor Ragdoll) is not a Bicolor, but rather a "High Mitted". Because of his two Mitted parents, he is so-called a High Mitted, because of his lack of Bicolor parents. A High Mitted is also generally said or called I guess you could say, because of the cat's screwed up markings, making the cat look more like a Mitted cat than a Bicolor cat, now Anya is a Mitted cat (Blue Mitted), so this is not an actuall Mitted cat (I'm talking about the High Mitted), Anya is not a High Mitted.
This is a Seal Bicolor High Mitted Ragdoll cat, this ugly cat is mismarked; you can tell by it's colored legs, Bicolors are not suppose to have that. And by it's too small of it's inverted "V" on it's face. Another thing Bicolors are not so suppose to have; god bless this ugly cat!
Compare that to this handsome, sexy, beautiful, smart, loving girl-magnet, kind of guy. Nico is a Blue Bicolor, so he looks a lot different than the cat above him, but the cat above is suppose to look like Nico. So in my opinion, Nico looks nothing like that cat above; regardless of his Mitted parents. While, yes I totally understand that Nico has Mitted-blood in him, because of his parents but I just don't see it on the outside, Nico totally looks like a True Bicolor ( A True Bicolor is not a perfectly marked Bicolor, it just looks like Nico). 

I love this cat like there's NO TOMORROW, so don't you think I'm just bitching about his color because I am unhappy about him. Bull-shit if you think I don't. 

This is a Blue Bicolor High Mitted Ragdoll cat. 
Nico is obviously better marked than the cat above, this is how a True Bicolor would look, there's no way in hell Nico is a High Mitted!

Nico has no color once so ever on his white legs, this is good. That's another sign that Nico is not a High Mitted.

Ps: Nico is a Show Quality Ragdoll cat and he has no mismarkings. Anywhere.

What are your thoughts on this???

Ragdoll Mommy x Nico~

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Monday, February 17, 2014

Review Day:

Good morning, everyone!

Today we have another review day! Yahoo! We got to review an absolutely adorable cat/dog dress for Anya. You can go see where all the fun is at at:

This gorgeous dress is made out of blue denim with little tiny rhinestones on the end and front of the dress and it came with a hoodie! How adorable is that?! 
It also came with a d-ring so it's a "harness-dress", and it came with an adorable big pink bow to match!! This is the total dress for a Fashion-Girl like Anya herself! 
I absolutely adore this dress! 
Here it is. Just wait 'till you see it on my cat!
Anya rockin' it.

Star likes it as a bed, lol.

Personally I prefer Anya without the 

hoodie, but both ways are still very cute! and Anya was an absolute master at letting me put this on 
her; as she doesn't really like stuff being put on her head. 
And from the side.

A much closer view of Anya and her li'l 
dress. NOTE: the cat leash wasn't at all part of the review. And either cat nor human suffered in the 
making of this review, and kitty was then given a break and one treat for being so good/patient, Lol.


The big pink bow.

The underside.


* Just absolutely adorable and it might just be one of my favorite dresses I've ever seen/owned. 

* I loved the little rhinestones on the hoodie part and the back of the dress.

* Love the fact that it has a hoodie with it.

* Since the dress is "one-of-a-kind" meaning that there's only one available and I have it, I liked that.

* Love the big pink bow on it!

* Costumer service wasn't too bad.

* Not bad on the shipping.

* It came in a pretty little red bag, that I liked.


* I didn't like the "unfinished" edges on the dress. (See in the photo above).

* The dress was a little pricy; $35 dollars.

* A few of the rhinestones on it have fallen off, I think. 


Ragdoll Mommy~

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Anya wishes you a Happy Valentine's Day!
Nico wishes you a Happy Valentine's Day!
Star wishes you a Happy Valentine's Day!
Saphira wishes you a Happy Valentine's Day!

Anya here:
And yes, Cody, I'll be your Valentine!!

Hugs, kisses, and warmest regards,

Ragdoll Mommy x Nico&Anya x Star&Saphira~


Thursday, February 13, 2014

We've won an award!

A while ago, I received The Sunshine Award (again). They asked for 11 random things about myself, but no questions. 

So here goes nothing: 

* I once had a 4-hour conversation with someone through texting. 9:PM to 12: Am......

* I was born in Gainesville, Florida. (Born a Gator fan, ALWAYS a Gator fan!! ).

* My mom has blue eyes and my dad has green eyes, so mine are kinda blueish-grean. Or I should say green-blueish. Which is gorgeous, ah I've always had nice eyes **wink**....

* I have fabulous eyesight and have never needed anything to improve them. 

* I f*cking HATE the noise of people chewing!!!!!!!!!!! 

* I prefer texting over emailing. 

* It annoys the HELL out of me when people use "short-hand" in emailing. ( Btw, lv, twn, ect.) these are ONLY good for texting!

* It ANNOYS THE HELL OUT OF ME when people don't use a question mark when they ask a question in a text or email! 

* I prefer this :-) over this :).

* I'm a "sock-addict", I have to have at least 50 socks...... Lol, same goes for coke.....

* Oh, and this is f*cking annoying, example: are we going to do anything today? ; other person, I don't no. It's KNOW not NO! 


Ragdoll Mommy~

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ragdoll Mommy LOVES the beach!!/ Sunday's beach day


Sunday we went to the beach! It was so nice out, the water was f*cking freezing! However, I did get my feet wet; I do better in the cold than the others did, lol. 
This is St. Andrew's beach, in Panama City, FL.
It is just a beauty; it's even prettier in-person!!
I didn't mean to take this photo, but it turned out to be one of my favs! 
I was trying to take a pic of the sand, but my iTouch (iPod Touch) didn't like the idea of that and it included my shadow with the picture itself. 
I have a lot more pictures than these inclued in the post, but I'll post some more some other day.

Ragdoll Mommy x Nico&Anya~

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Review day:

Good morning, everyone!

Today is another review day! Yay! So let's jump on it. Go check them out at:

We got to review a fabulous Kitty Lounger for Nico and Anya. These Kitty Loungers come in a lot of colors and patterns and two sizes; large and mini. We got to review the size large, because I have two cats that weigh 14lbs (Nico) and 13lbs (Anya) so that's a total of 27lbs and this Kitty Lounger (large) can hold cats up to 35lbs (fatty). The large size can also hold Nico and Anya together/they can both fit on it at the same time, which is good because both of them need one. I think the mini can hold cats up to 14lbs? Maybe.
The pattern/color we got to review is called "Neptune" and it's pretty beautiful. There were a few other colors I liked, but I really liked Neptune; I liked maybe two or three other colors that weren't Neptune, but I really didn't care for the other ones;-) 

You can get this Lounger for $125 dollars....
Anya knows how to do this!

The bottom of it.

Bed-time kitties!

Anya poses for the review and the camera!!
My handsome-lookin' dude.
At the beginning, Nico couldn't figure 
out how to do it, lol. 

What did I dislike about this Kitty Lounger?

* It was hard to build. But might be easier with two people?

* Pricy.

* It came with little stickers to stick on the feet of the Lounger, and they were a pain-in-the-ass to put on. I immediately thought it might have been a good idea if they made it with the sticker things already on it. 

* While it doesn't break if you move it, however if you do put it upside down, it does wobble and sometimes it breaks or the cover thing comes off and then the whole thing breaks, lol.

What did I like about this Lounger?

* Cats love it!

* Fast shipping and friendly customer service.

* Lots of patterns and colors to choose from.

* I loved Nepune!

Ragdoll Mommy~

Friday, February 7, 2014

"Only "you" by Ragdoll Mommy

This is obviously an edited photo of Anya, but isn't it beautiful? 

It's called "Only "you" for a very good and personally reason. Never ask why and alrights reserved over this photo! 

From now on, I will try my hardest to post a picture of one of my cats (edited), once a week on Friday with writing on all of them.

Ragdoll Mommy~

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Review Day On Wednesday:

We all tease one another every now n' again, right? We've teased friends, our children, our husband or wife, and yeah, kids you've teased your siblings...... We all know that. :-)

But have you ever thought of teasing your cat? I sure as hell have thought of it! In fact, I've done it..... Lol, anywayz now you can with this Teaser Cat Toy! Go check them out at:

We got to review a cat toy for Saphira and Star. So let's jump on it!

This Teaser Cat Toy, is made out of craft wood-I guess you could say, and the actuall cat toy is made up of feathers and a bit of string. 
Here's the toy.
Oh, by the way; the Teaser also came with a mouse. 
Cat Teaser toy.
Saphira playing.
Saphira playing with the mouse.
As you can see, she loves them both; lots!!

Here's a bit about their Esty shop:

Welcome to Paws of Fury Cat Toys! I make durable, fun toys for your cat or kitten.

My cats are Gandalf (a big friendly gray and white fellow) and Cueball (a small and strange tabby cat.) Gandalf and Cueball graciously play-test all my designs for durability and entertainment value.

I love making things to entertain cats, and my favorite are the wand-style toys that allow a human to play too! My designs generally include real feathers and/or catnip, because I've found that these things drive most cats into a racing, pouncing frenzy.

Thanks for stopping by, and I wish good times for you and your furry pal.