Monday, September 30, 2013

Easy on Monday

Hi,Everyone! Today we aren't doing much so I think I'll just post a few pictures.
Nico,takin' it easy.
Anya takin' it easy.

Me takin' it easy lol;-)

Love Ragdoll mommy&the babies~

Oh and ps: I am very very sorry for being out of touch!  I have been so busy!  

Ragdoll mommy~

Sunday, September 29, 2013

A lot of paper work.....I didn't have to do!

Hi, Everyone! Today I would like to talk about Ragdolls/Color/Feeding/care/age/History.

Ragdolls,come in three patterns: Mitted;Bicolor;Colorpoint:

colorpoint:  Colorpoint,means that the cat has coloring on the face,ears,legs,and tail.Since colorpoint is only a pattern. It can carry.Blue (A shade of gray).Sealpoint: Sealpoints have very deep brown colorings on the face,ears,legs,and tail,and paws.They can have very deep brown color,to almost black coloring.(I don't mean black like midnight black,but very very deep brown).Blue: Blue colorpoints,(Actually are called "Bluepoint" or Bluepoints for more than one.) They are actually gray in color,they have coloring on the face,ears,legs,paws,and tail.And that's all the colors that Colorpoints can carry.The colorpoint pattern was one of the very first Ragdoll patterns  to be developed!  Same goes for the color (Sealpoint) was also one of the very first Ragdoll cat colors to developed!

Bicolor:  Bicolor,means that the cat is two colors.Bicolor is only a pattern.Bicolor cats have coloring on  the tail,back,ears,and they have a "mask" like the Mitted pattern and the Bicolor pattern and the Colorpoint pattern.And Bicolor can carry: Blue (Blue Bicolor),Chocolate (Chocolate Bicolor),Seal (Seal Bicolor,or Sealpoint Bicolor).Blue Bicolors have blue coloring,(Actually gray) and they have it on the mask and tail and ears and back.(Nico is a Blue Bicolor).Chocolate Bicolors have dark brown coloring on the face,ears,tail,and mask.And I should probably mention that the "mask" I am talking about is actually coloring on the face of the cat.But Bicolors have an upside down "V" on the face.And the "V" is in between the mask,and the "V" is whole white and always should be white.With no dark colorings on the "V".And the mask is whatever color the cat is.Seal Bicolor or Sealpoint Bicolor: I am pretty sure that they are the same thing as each other.Anyway....Sealpoint Bicolors have very light brown coloring on the face,ears,and tail.(But strangely they have no coloring on the back,like Blue Bicolors or Chocolate Bicolors do).Anyway...Chocolate Bicolors and Sealpoint Bicolors are not the same thing! Anyway....All Bicolors  regardless of what color they are have blue eyes (Like all Ragdolls).And all Bicolors must have a "V" in between the mask (Face), and they must have all white legs and paws and a white chest and a white stomach and a white neck and a white butt lol;-) Okay that's all I can think of to write down lol.

Mitted:  Mitted is only a pattern.Mitted Ragdolls can carry.Blue (Blue Mitted) and Seal (Sealpoint Mitted).Mitted Ragdolls have coloring on the face,ears,legs and tail.Sometimes Mitted Ragdolls have a blaze on their face.The blaze can be in a few shapes,like a star or a hourglass or a broken blaze or a diamond.The diamond is little and white (All the blazes are always or should be white).The broken blaze can be pretty much any size and shape! I think.And the star is little and is kinda in the shape of a star of course lol;-) and the hourglass is sort of like the Bicolor's "V" on the mask.But different a little. And Mitted Ragdolls have well.....Should have little white mitts on the front paws and white boots on the back paws (Atcually the "boots" I was talking about are actually called "Hocks" I believe is what they are called lol).Some people call them "Boots" but they should be calling them "Hocks". And did you know that Blue Mitted's and Blue colorpoint Mitted's are the SAME thing?!?!  Well....I RM (AKA Ragdoll mommy) is the Ragdoll know-it all! Lol;-) Anyway....My Blue Mitted Ragdoll does not have any blaze on her face.But that's fine,some Blue Mitted Ragdolls don't have any blaze at all.(Nico&Anya's parents are both Blue Mitted's and both of them do not have a blaze.) Blazes on Blue Mitted Ragdolls are sort of rare.The  Mitted pattern was one of the first Ragdoll cat patterns to be developed! As for the Mitted  colors  both Blue Mitted and Sealpoint Mitted were two of the very first Ragdoll cat colors to be developed!!
This is Anya in her kitty condo doing her cute stuff lol!
Just hang on! Lol
I got it!
Yay this is one cool toy,mom!
Mom says I am quite the "Show off" eh? LOL
What? Just relaxin' right ?
My paws.

Hang in there Anya! Lol
Mom says I am a  natural in front of the camera...Is that true?
My beautiful self lol!
I have been kinda goin' crazy today lol;-)

This is my beautiful girl.(Anya).She is a Blue Mitted though.
Look at those eyes!
Beautiful girl.
All Ragdolls have Killer Blue eyes.

My babies.Nico is on the left,and Anya to the right.

Mitted Ragdolls all have little white "mitts" on the front paws.(Anya is a blue mitted,so these are her paws) 

Nico is a Blue Bicolor Ragdoll.

Anya's beautiful eyes.
Her eyes are beautiful!
A better look.
Anya's pretty eyes.

Anya's adorable baby face:-)

Lynx: The Lynx Ragdoll is only a pattern.And they are a pretty new pattern of the Ragdoll breed.They can carry for colors are; um....They pretty much can carry any color,But they sure can carry Blue Mitted.(Which is what Anya is).Oh and they do also carry this one pattern called "Tortie" and "Torbie".I will get to those patterns later.Oh I am sorry,the Lynx actually made the "Torbie" with the "Tortie" pattern lol.So back to the patterns that these cats can come in.They can come in; Seal,Flame,and Blue and Cream.I don't know a whole lot about this pattern,because they are such a new pattern! Oh and did I tell you that this pattern is pretty rare? Well it's true! Oh and the Red Ragdoll pattern,(Lynx can carry that pattern\color too).Anyway the Red color is also a sex linked gene! And Torties and Torbies must always have cream or red in their fur,so Torties and Torbies are always females!! Except in extremaly rare occasions,they are males! Isn't that awesome?! Oh and the Lynx can also carry these patterns too! Bicolor,and Torbie and  Mitted! They can carry all those colors because the Lynx is a dominant gene.So it dominants Mitted and Bicolor and Torbie! But I don't think that they can dominant the Colorpoint pattern.And Torbie and Tortie Ragdolls (I hear) are so much fun! It takes a long time for the red or cream to come in, so they are a constant surprise as their color slowly comes in.You never know where that red will show.It's like watching a flower bloom little by little.The Torbie or Tortie Ragdoll becomes a beautiful patchwork of color! Wow! 

Flame or Cream: Flame is red  and  Cream is the recessive of Flame. The reds take a long time to get their full color and it can take a lot longer to know the pattern of the Flame or Cream  Ragdoll kitten. Sometimes they leave to their new homes before the breeders know if a Flame or Cream Ragdoll kitten has mitts or not! Red females are more rare then red males.To have red female kittens, you need a red father and a red or tortbie\tortie mother.The red or cream color can carry as patterns; Lynx,and Mitted,and Colorpoint.

mink: Mink Ragdolls are EXTREMELY rare!!! If you own one of these cats,you are very lucky! They are actually a pattern,and they are a "solid" Ragdoll color.Not a "Colorpoint" Ragdoll color.A solid Ragdoll,means that it has no markings\other colors in it.The Bicolor pattern and the Mitted pattern and the Colorpoint pattern are all "Colorpointed" meaning that they have coloring on the face,ears,tails, and sometimes coloring on the legs and paws.Anyway the Mink is a solid color,so they are just one plain color.Minks are usually a very very very dark brown.In fact I think that they can only come in brown.And they usually don't have blue eyes,but a greenish to very light blue eyes.Minks were actually a mistake.....It all begun in about the 1990s,when two Ragdoll breeders tried to cross two Blue mitted Ragdolls with a Sealpoint Ragdoll.(Since Blue mitted Ragdolls can NOT make sealpoint kittens),they had other ideas.So they bred the cats and got kittens, that looked like mutt cats.But they weren't mutts at all! And that's how the mink Ragdoll cat pattern got started:)  Wrong! That is a made-up story! Those liars! The true story goes like this: It is likely that someone crossed a Sealpoint with some other Ragdoll. I actually don't really know the story lol;)

Sepia: Sepia Ragdolls are very very rare, more rare then the Mink! The  Sepia is a pattern of the Ragdoll breed.Sepias can be mitted or no mitts, they usually don't have blue eyes (like the Mink).And the Sepia pattern is also a solid pattern or color like the Mink. The Sepia has greenish to very light blue eyes.Sepias are a very very dark brown color,like the Mink. Sepia Ragdolls and mink Ragdolls are actually,not a new pattern or even a new color, they are quite old actually! They are probably from the time that the Ragdoll was developed.But no clue really lol! And  that's about it,that I know about those cats!

History: The Ragdoll was developed in 1963, by a breeder in Riverside California.Her name was Ann Baker. It is believed that the Ragdoll breed was created by a Persian-Angora like cat,named Josephine, with outcrossings to Birman-like and Burmese-like cats started it all! 

Ann Baker made-up so many stories that it is very very hard to say how these beautiful cats actually got created!!  Back then, Ann Baker  advertised  widely and mailed out literature promoting the breed to cat-lovers nationwide. Early publicity spread like wild fire and the breed quickly became an object of controversy. Baker's breeding program consisted of a handful of other breeders contracted under her.She was paid a royalty fee for every kitten sold. As time went on,Ann Baker's statements and claims about the breed  became strange, supernatural-and- very hard to believe.She publicized statements outlining how Ragdoll cats have human genes in them,that they are immune to pain and that they represent a link between us and space aliens. The breeders once loyal to her were now having doubts about how to develop without losing the integrity that these wonderful cats deserve.Because of this, several breeders broke off from Ann Baker and continued breeding Ragdolls for what they are - Highly affectionate companions - with a lot of love to share with humans. Denny Dayton was an instrumental figure in the history and development of the breed.After he broke away from Ann Baker,he fought hard to make the breed legitimate and accetable by cat fanciers' standards.Dayton   succeeded and in 1967 the Ragdoll breed was first recognized in the United States.

health care: Ragdolls are a pretty health breed. They don't really have any major health problems that you have to worry about.But remember that they tend to over eat! Oh and they are prone to getting fat!! So please don't over feed them, and make sure that they get plenty of playtime and a lot of hugs and kissing them too! And they do shed A LOT!!!!  So you must make sure that you brush them every day, and give them monthly baths. Oh and they are said to be prone to heart problems.So you can't let them get fat!

Ragdoll myths and the truth:
1; Ragdolls don't shed.

2; Ragdolls are not smart and can't be trained.

3; Ragdolls can't feel pain.

4; Ragdolls never get matted.

5; Ragdolls get always get along with other pets.

6; Ragdolls will choke your baby at night, if you let it sleep in it's bed. 

7; Ragdolls will never bite you.

8; Ragdolls will never hurt your children.

9; Blue Mitted Ragdolls must always have pink paw pads.

10; You should never put a collar on a Ragdoll, because it can mess up their fur.

The truth:
of course Ragdolls shed! and it's a lot too!!

And Ragdolls are very very smart! And yes they can learn tricks! (Nico plays fetch!) (Anya gives me high fives!) And both of them come when called! So Ragdolls are very smart!

of course Ragdolls feel pain!

And it's true, while the Ragdolls' coat doesn't mat  really.But it will if you don't brush them.

And it's not true,not all Ragdolls like or will get along with other pets.

And while yes it  could happen,but it is likely that a Ragdoll will not choke your baby at night if it sleeps with your baby.But just be sure you NEVER leave your baby with any cat or animal while you are not around!!

And it's really is a myth that a Ragdoll will never bite you! Of course they could bite you! But it is unlikely that it will happen....;)

Again, while it could happen,  your Ragdoll is probably not gonna hurt your kids.....But just be sure that if you have little kids,make sure you teach them that animals are not toys!! And yes Ragdolls are very very good with kids,but that doesn't mean they will never bite your kids.

And Blue mitted Ragdolls can have other colored paws pads then just pink! (My Ragdoll Anya has pink paws pads in the back paws,and a mix of blue and pink pads in the front paws! lol)

And you can put a collar on a Ragdoll! That is only for breeding Ragdolls.

I hope some of my info on Ragdolls helps! But I know a lot more then that LOL! And I will tell you it some day soon! Goodbye Everyone, but see ya' soon!

Love Ragdoll mommy&the babies~

Saturday, September 28, 2013

A beautiful cat collar for my beautiful girl,what I good match!!

Hi,Everyone!  Today I would like to show you guys,one of Anya's cat collars.I bought this BEAUTIFUL cat collar,on was quite expensive for a cat collar! In fact the most expensive cat collar I ever paid for LOL! I rarely pay a lot for cat collars;-) Because they get fuzzy and they don't last forever lol.Anyway....Anya's collar I paid for,costed me.....18 dollars (Plus 7 dollars for shipping....So 18+7 is 25 dollars!! LOL!) Anyway.....Her collar was NOT a review! I got her collar a while ago (4-5 months?). 

Anyway....Here's some pictures:
Okay..This collar looks silver right? Well...It's not,but it has other high lights about it....Just you wait n' see!

 This is no ordinary cat collar.....It is made with 10 real CRYSTALS!!! It is also "Handset Australian crystals!!!" (Handset means put in by hand).It is also studded with like gold of some sort.Proabley not real,but it sure is beautiful! Right? It is made by: Mirage.

I LOVE Mirage!! They make cat collars and dog collars I believe.

Anyway....I didn't know that they only have Anya's collar size in Xs! (Extra small:-(  But it doesn't really fit her.It was a lot too small! But it can go around her neck:-) 

I wish I had a picture of her in her collar.But I don't:-( 

Goodbye everyone,but see ya' soon! 

Love Ragdoll mommy&The babies~

Friday, September 27, 2013

Easy Friday.

Hi,Everyone! Today I am not doing much so here's so pictures of my cats.

Love Ragdoll mommy&The babies~

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Busy thursday!

Hi,everyone! Very I have been soooooooooooooooo BUSY this past weekend/This week!!!!!! Sorry if I have been out of touch! I am getting busier and BUSIER!!! I am getting so busy that I no longer have the time for my other blog! (My secret world.) Ugh:-( But I will try to at least have the time for (You guys!:-) Anyway.......Oh would ya' look at that,I gotta go do somethin' again!

But here are some photos of my kitties.
New pic of Star!
New pic of Saphira! Note: look at all the toys only Star&Saphira have!! Lol.Another note: Sorry for no new pics of Nico or Anya or Lady:-(  but I'll take some this weekend!
Anya in bed with me, last weekend:-)
Nico,from about two weekends ago lol;-)
Lady,from about two weekends ago lol;-)

Goodbye everyone but see ya' soon!

Love Ragdoll mommy&The babies~

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

If you'd like to see it..........

Hi,Everyone!  Today was spouse to be a review day........But I did do it!  It just said it was for yesterday.
But I did write it! And if you'd like to see what I got,then go to yesterday's post.It's called "California mutts tags:Review" 
Love Star~
Love Anya~
Love Nico~
Love Lady~
Love Saphira~

Love Ragdoll mommy~

Goodbye everyone,but see you soon!

Xoxo Ragdoll mommy.And *Wave paws*,the babies~

Monday, September 23, 2013

California mutts tags:Review!

Hi, everyone! It's a review day again! Yay! I got two very beautiful cat ID tags.They are for Nico&Anya. What did I like and dislike about them?
Like: I just love/loved the patterns!
I love the print!
I adore the fact that they had lots and lots of patterns and styles to chose from!
I highly recommend these tags!
I love how they are so smooth!
I love how they are kinda heavy but not too heavy, you know?

I didn't really like how they are so big.(But again I do have some big cats,but again they are Ragdolls.)
I didn't like how our phone number had to be on the front of the tags.
And that's about it! So I give these tags.... Five stars!

Go check them out at___________________
About these tags:
Nico's tag is black with little tiny red stars on it.And it is silver on the back of the tag.
Anya's tag is black in the background,and it has um.....It's kinda hard to explain the pattern.But it has like these blue prints on it....And I hate to say it but....I don't know what the pattern is called lol;-) But it okay,never mind here's some pics instead lol.And oh her's has silver on the back of it too.
Here they are when I got them.Nico's is on the left.And Anya's is on the right.
Here is Anya in her tag.See what I mean about the pattern? But hey it's darn right BEAUTIFUL!!
Here is Nico's tag.Isn't it just HANDSOME?! 
A better picture of Anya and her tag.
Sorry,Nico wasn't really paying attention lol.

Anyway: Go check them out at_________________

Love Ragdoll mommy&The babies~