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I commonly do reviews for a company, a few Etsy shops, and much more. I am open to reviewing a handful of products, I do at least one review a month, but some times I do even more than one in a single month. For more information please scroll down or contact me at:

I require a non-refundable  review offer. Unfortunately, I do not do any reviews for any company who requires me that after I review the product and then I must send it back to the company\shop owner. I also do not allow guest posts or re-written\pre-written content, anything of sexual content, or anything racist, sexist, etc in my reviews posts. These types of things will NOT be tolerated. I also love free speech, and your review will be 100% honest, so if there is something I dislike about your product then I say it and I don't sugarcoat it, but I also do not be mean or rude about it, I say it in a positive and respectful way, as I do not want to hurt people's feelings, but I also do not want mine hurt either, so if there is something you dislike about the way I wrote your review regarding your product, then please send it to the above email address ( and I will be more than happy to work with you on it, I am very easy to work with. :-) But please if you have a negative response to my written review then please don't publish it as a public comment anywhere on this site, if you do so it will be ignored and not published, I only publish respectful comments and for a positive statement!

I am open to reviewing the following products:

* Cat toys.

* Cat food.

* Cat grooming supplies; I have Ragdolls, so I use everything.

* Cat water fountains\food bowls, food mats.

* Cat treats.

* Cat collars\harnesses\leashes.

* Cat furniture; scratching posts, scratching pads, beds, tunnels, carriers, crates, etc.

* Ragdoll cat books, Ragdoll cat bags, Ragdoll cat decal, etc.

I will not review:

* Any type of cat food or treats made in Mexico or China.

* Any cat food or treats made with corn, by-products, soy, or high amounts of grain. (Star is allergic and I do not like feeding these types of foods with them regardless).

* Anything made by Iams. I do not support this company due to them mistreating animals.

* Any catnip that is not made in the USA or Canada.

I do not review any type of food that is made in China or Mexico. I also do not do reviews for people in these countries. Sorry....

I DO allow give aways for my viewers and readers depending on the product.

Your review will include:

* Photos of the product(s), all photos are mine and taken by me, Life with Ragdolls has copy write restrictions and no photo(s) shall be used or sold to any third party; unless other wise given premission by said writer\blogger\blog owner.

* A list of both pros and cons of said product.

* I may or may not include a video of said product; my choice or we may be able to agree on something between both parties.

* Details of said product and company\shop.

* An introduction of said company or shop.

* A link to said company\shop's website\blog (if provided), possible a link to said company\shop's Facebook page (if requested by said company or shop owner, I normally do not do this or get asked to, but a few people have requested it, and I provided it).

If you have a review offer that you think would interested me, then please contact me at


~Life with Ragdolls~


  1. Hi I saw your page on Ragdolls color ( during my research. I'd just like to point out a few things on it. Lilac is not merely or entirely a dilution. The cat must have both blue and chocolate alleles to produce lilac which is a grey with white (not cream). You also missed adding examples about lynx, tortie and torbie Ragdolls.

    Additionally, your example as a van bicolor is actually RW SGCA Adorabledolls Adonis:

    It's not true that he would not be accepted for showing. In fact, he is a Supreme Grand Champion and a Regional Winner. I've often seen "van" bicolor Ragdolls as Best in Breed All Cat or Best Kitten. They go on to win Grand Premier or Champion fairly commonly.

    1. Thank you for the notification and for visiting Life with Ragdolls. Lilac is a dilution. In fact, it is a double dilution. I purposely forgot lynx, tortie, and torbie Ragdolls. This blog is aimed at the traditional Ragdoll (seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac in the patterns of colorpoint, mitted and bicolor).

      Typically, when I use a photo that I did not take or knew the location of, I do not know who the cat is or person. I only credit the photo to whoever let me borrow it.

      I did not say he wouldn't be accepted for shows. I said he **usually** would not be accepted. In TICA for example, vans (often called high whites) are not accepted. In CFA, they are.
      I know a lot about Ragdolls and a great deal of showing. I have shown before and I have almost 13 years of experience under my belt. Also, that post is outdated. I need to rewrite another one. I basically abandoned that post. Thanks for the heads up!

    2. It was also proven and lab tested in 1995 that Lilac is double dilute. ;)


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