Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Here is my cat Star,laying down on the floor:)
Here is my other cat Saphira,in their "kitty cub" thingy lol;)
Anya rolling on her back:)
Here is my Ragdoll Nico. At our old house,in the living room:)

Kitty depression.and old pictures and new ones.

Nico at our new house.
Anya under their kitty condo
Here is Nico at our old house.Looking a little depressed:-( Note he was sitting by a window,he was not outside.
Here is Anya under a desk and also playing with her toy.Note she is also at our old house.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Speechless Sunday.

Welcome back! It's time for another of "speechless Sunday" lol. But first I would like to tell you a little bit about myself:) I know a lot of people who comment on "Life with Ragdolls" and some of them say that they "look forward" to getting to know me:) so I figured that I might "make a page" just about me instead of my cats,if that is posable lol!" Well I love books mostly about Ragdolls or cats. "And I sure do love Ragdolls!! "And I love to blog."and I love to read."and I enjoy Florida most of the time:) and I love going on walks and taking pictures mostly of my cats.Now how about I say I give you a give few facts about my cats/what they mean to me? Ok here goes Anya. Anya is a Blue mitted Ragdoll. She is female.She is beautiful and wonderful and very sweet,and I love her so very deeply.she means the world to me.I can not see my life without her.She is shy though but very loving.She is so wonderful anyone who has ever see her I'm sure that they fell in love with her! Now Star's turn. Star might be "mean" but I love her so deeply and she is a very Dear friend to me.And I sure do love the fact that she only like me:) MOL. Bye for now but see you soon! LOVE RAGDOLL MOMMY AND NICO AND ANYA AND SAPHIRE AND STAR!!!:-)

My cats. Ragdolls and Mutts.

Here is finally a picture of my cat Star!! Note she is NOT a Ragdoll.But I love her anyway!
Here is my other cat "Saphira", note she is also a "mutt" like Star.But who cares?!  I sure DON'T!!!!:)
Star in a basket:)
Saphira  "chilling" with their cat toys!
I told you that her tongue "stuck out" I have no idea why? MOL!!
Here she is again but with her tongue in:)
My Starry (Star).Note her pretty gold eyes!
 Anya "under". Their kitty condo,also asleep lol:)
Nico in their kitty condo.Note his beautiful blue eyes and very very long legs!:-)
Nico under my bed covers MOL!
Nico&Anya on their BED takin a nap lol!:)
My cat Star in our old bathroom sink:) lol!!! Note though that photo was taken years ago like in 2006 or 2007
Anya at our old house in a window.note her blue eyes.
Anya at our old house on a bed.Note she had her ears back because she was scared:-(
Anya all tired out from playing with me and a toy
Anya "playing dead".And YES she is not DEAD!!!!
Anya.Posing very well for me:)
Anya in their "cat tunnel" lol
My daughter with her BEAUTIFUL FACE!!
Nico-bear with me:)
Nico&Anya as kittens in their kitty condo!! As in 2008? Maybe 2009? This photo was Was taken BEFORE I got them.  I got them in 2012 as 3 year old this is a older picture of them:).Note I DID not take this photo but myself, someone else did.but it was NOT me!   Bye for now I hope you love the photos!:-)
My best buddy Nico in his kitty condo:)
Nico again in their kitty condo:-)
Anya&Nico in their kitty condo!
Anya with her wonderful "killer blue eyes"!!
Anya in their cat/kitty condo.
Anya on my bed,err HER BED MOL!!!!
Beautiful Anya
My Nico at our old house.note the pretty blue eyes
Nico one of my best pics:-)
Nico "hangin" half way out of their kitty condo:-)
Nico.note the KILLER BLUE EYES!!!
Nico in his kitty condo:).note yet again his blue eyes!
Nico&Anya together on the love seat.Anya is on the left and Nico on the right:-).
Nico "using" Anya's butt as a pillow MOL!!!! 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

*mmm* midnight snacks and stuff

Nico on a "cooler" at our new house
Mom! Really? I was asleep MOL!
Here he is again 
Nico-bear with me! Note I'm sorry for his "matted" fur I haven't brushed him tonight:-(
The babies "Nico" is on the right and Anya is in front of him
*mmm* butt MOL!
*yikes*! Bet it! I'm naked!!!