Photo Gallery

Nico and Anya in video game style.

Nico was always a pro at video games. ;-)

Leo (Who was actually a female, long story short, we thought she was a male, until she gave birth to a litter of 3 kittens under our shed in October 2013, silly boy....err girl).

My four babies. (RIP Nico).

A photoshopped picture of Nico & Anya at the beach one day. The beach picture was actually taken by me.

Who doesn't?

My very first  Ragdoll cat, Tadpole. A male Seal Colorpoint. Photo taken on 3-4-2004. 
My Blue Mitted female Ragdoll cat, Anya. 

Anya's brother; Nico, a Blue Bicolor. 

Happy New Years, 2014! 

Happy Valentine's Day, 2014! 

Nico and Anya collage. 

Florida's beautiful beach.

Happy Thanksgiving, 2013! From Nico and Anya. 

Just look at that sea! (no pun intended!)
Ice Princess in January, our Florida "dusting", 27 degrees. Yikes!
The best baby sitter: Nico.
"Anya" at the beach.

Lil' Farmer.
Hugs? Star.
Anya doing a "stay" for a photo.

Beautiful Saphira on her new blanket.

The beautiful sunset of Malone, Florida.

Anya and Renato love each other!
Beautiful Anya getting some fresh air in September 2014. 

Beautiful Anya in July 2013. 

From left to right: Nico, Anya, and Star in February 2014.

Fun in the sun! Nico&Saphira in June 2014.
Kisses from Anya.
<3 <3 <3
Frosty colored Anya in December 2013.
That "sassy" look!
Happy Valentines Day, 2014! From Anya.
" I'm too pretty to sleep on the floor! "
Baby blues.
North Carolina we come!
You maybe cool, but you'll never be cool enough to take your cat to Bass Pros to watch the fish cool!!
Machias, Maine.
Nico&Anya in January 2014.

Club member.

Little Renato in August 2014.

No words needed.....

Saphira and I in NC one sunny day in June 2014.

~In memory of Nico~


The End.

The Swamp.

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