Sunday, May 17, 2020

Hello with (nearly) 7 years of blogging!

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Hey friends,

Long time no post! I will have to do a recap on all life events, but for now, the 3 girls are doing well. Here is a bit of their lives from when I dropped off from blogging:


Anya is nearly 12 years old this August! She is still doing great and looks amazing for nearly 12 years old, she has been busy snagging chapstick and socks from me ;)


Star is nearly 14 years old this August! She looks absolutely stunning for nearly 14! Vet says she doesn't look a day over 4. She had a vet appointment July 2019, and will be back this year for her exam.


Saphira will also be 14 years old soon (this July), but that doesn't stop her from being a pain in my ass still. Just kidding...sorta. :P

Well, that's everything for now. Catch ya soon!

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