Meet the Stars

Saphira The Dragon Of Eragon 
Mixed Bred

Saphira is thought to be my oldest cat. She is 11 years old and still acts just like a kitten! She is my travel buddy and loves the car.

Blue October's 2AM Lovesick Star "Star"
Mixed Bred 


Ah, Star. What can I say about my Star? other than she's a fireball of anger and ignorance! Star (like Saphira) was an early birthday present in 2006 on 10-20-2006 with Saphira. Star keeps me on my toes and I am her cuddly human pet. ;-)

GASouthernDolls Lone Survivor 'Anya'
Blue Mitted Ragdoll

Anya, the reason I created this blog, Anya and her brother Nico were my inspiration in the summer of 2013 for a blog. Unfortunately, Nico died in the summer of 2014, at 5.11 years old, but he'll remain forever in the hearts of those who were lucky enough to met him, either over the internet or in person. Nico and Anya were an early birthday present in 2012, they were 3.11 years old at the time. Our anniversary is 7-1-2012.

Stars That Are Now Deceased:

GASouthernDolls Roll The Dice "Nico"
Blue Bicolor Ragdoll
8-14-2008 - 7-14-2014

Nico, the reason for this blog. Nico had severe heart issues in July 2014, his heart walls thickened due to HCM, this is sadly incurable, 30% of Ragdolls have (or carry) this genetic disease. Nico struggled to breath and could not walk, he had FATE (feline saddle thrombus), he was paralyzed in his hind legs, he managed to crawl to my bed to sleep with me on 7-13-2014. If there's one thing Nico taught me from this, it is how to let go gracefully....

RighteousRags Lonesome Dove Renato "Renato"
Seal Mitted Ragdoll

6-1-2014 - 10-13-2014

Renato, meaning of the name is "reborn" in Italian or "to rise again" in Spanish. Renato was my fourth Ragdoll after Nico died. Renato was unknowingly related to Nico, and unfortunately, winded up passing away the same way as Nico. Renato was taken too soon, at the young age of just 4 months. Forever in my heart....some day in my arms. 

The Night Watcher's Tadpole "Tadpole"
Seal Colorpoint Ragdoll
**actual registered name unknown\unavailable**

12-22-1990 - 2005

Tadpole, my very first Ragdoll, was likely born in 1990 or 1989, he passed away at 15 years old in 2005. He was a Seal Colorpoint Ragdoll and was nicknamed "The Following Cat" by me. I got him at 14 years of age on 3-4-2004. 

Bordeaux Ragdolls The Bare Necessites Baloo 'Baloo'
Blue Bicolor Ragdoll

** Actual registered name unknown\unavailable**

5-26-2011 - 10-15-2016

Baloo had urinary problems all his life (starting at the age of 1 year old). He had tons of urinary track infections, crystals, bladder stones, etc he had been on prescription science diet C\D canned cat food to help with the crystals, he had been on several SSRI  drugs, been to specialists, etc. Poor Baloo blocked and there was nothing the vet could do. We made the most difficult decision and let Baloo go. Rest in peace sweet, Baloo. I will always love you.

Blue October's Hate Me Today 'Angel'
Chinchilla Silver Persian 
**actual registered name unknown\unavailable**
2-22-2003 - 9-5-2017

Angel came to me as a blind, declawed, helpless, 12 year old Persian cat. She had been abused and neglected, she was due to be euthanized within 48 hours if I hadn't came to rescue her. Dispute all this mishap, Angel was a very sweet and loving survivor of abuse. I miss you baby in peace.

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