Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bye, bye.


Our Internet is down, you won't see me commenting on any of your blogs for a few days. I won't be blogging. I won't answer any emails, or reply to any comments. I am sorry.

Ragdoll Mommy~

Tadpole Tuesday

Blurry picture..... But I can still see that day crystal clear in my mind; about 9 or 10 years ago. 

For Tadpole:

If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.
No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye. You were gone before I knew it, and only god knows why.
My heart still aches in sadness, and secret tears still flow. What it means to lose you no one will ever 

But now I know you want me, to grieve for you no more; to remember all the happy times, life still has much in store.
Since you'll never be forgotten, I pledge to you today: a hollowed place within my heart is where you'll ALWAYS stay.
-Author Unknown.


Ragdoll Mommy~

Monday, December 30, 2013

Review Day:


Go check them out at: https://www.etsy.com/listing/116063654/ragdoll-i-love-my-cat-symbol-silohuette

Who's gotta Ragdoll cat? If so are you just totally dying for a case that will fit your iPhone? Or maybe you might own an iPod Touch? And maybe it's time you getta case for it? If so then look no further than this beautiful case!
A few weeks ago, I got to review this awesome case! And guess what?! It's fits my iPod Touch perfectly! 
I now own a White iPod Touch, I still have my Black iPod Touch too; and YES, who could forget about my iPod Nano....... Yeah, I am a HUGE Apple fan! (Apple makes the iPod and iPhone and iPod Touch and iPad and the Mac). 

Anyway, this case will fit a iPod Touch 4th generation; which is not to be confused with the iPod Touch 3rd generatoin.... BIG difference! 

If you don't own an iPod Touch 4th generation, then that's okay; because they also make iPhone 4S cases:-), and if you're not the kool (cool), kid in school or the not-so-cool adult at work, then that's fine because they also make a Samsung case......lol

Oh, and try to get too carried away when you buy this case, in other words; try not to be a "dumb-ass", let me tell you my story:

When I was asked to review this case I said sure I'd love to, so the Esty shop owner asked what case I'd like and if I wanted a plastic case or a rubber one. I said I'd like a iPod Touch 4th generation case, and I said I'd like a rubber case, she said okay and asked for my address so I gave her my address and waited on the case to get here so I could do the review. A few weeks later: the case has arrived, so as soon as I had the package in my hands, I ripped that sucker open and tried it out on my iPod Touch, I was pissed; I just found out that I don't have a iPod Touch 4th generation................ That was a pisser! I was like; "WTF?!?!?!, you piece of shit! Why won't you fit?!
Then I look at the back of the case and I see a spot for a camera, it's no wonder my iPod Touch wouldn't fit, I have a 3rd generation; not a 4th, and my 3rd doesn't have a camera. So a few weeks later I actually did get a 4th generation iPod Touch, and hey what'd ya' know, Ragdoll Mommy? It fits a 4th not a 3rd. 

What do I like about this case?
1: I love the fact that it says: I heart my Ragdoll. 
2: for being a plastic case, it's actually pretty strong; last nite Nico by mistake  dropped my iPod Touch, and it fell on it's back and it nor the case broke. So I was really happy about that:-)
3: the sticker part of the case hasn't fallen off.
4: friendly customer service.
5: for being a white case, it doesn't get dirty. As you can see in the picture above I took the picture with the case on the ground outside. 
6: cute.

What did I dislike about the case?
1: I asked for a rubber one, and got a plastic one. But maybe they were or are out of order for the rubber case; and we all know the saying: "you get what you paid for". Well, I reviewed it and didn't pay for it. Lol;-)
2: it's a pain-in-the-ass to even put on and take off of my iPod Touch 4th, I believe my iPod Touch was made in 2012, so it's new and the case should have been easier to put on.
3: it gets sweaty if you hold it in your hands for too long. Then you might have the fear of dropping your iPod Touch or iPhone.

I am 96%  happy with this case and I give it 4 stars. I think you could get it, but MAKE sure what generation of iPod Touch or iPhone you have first BEFORE buying it to avoid disappointment!!

Go check them out at:

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Florida Gators are my team!


A while ago, someone asked me what Football team I liked. I'll get to that in a moment, but first let me ask you the same question, lol;-)

If you're from the USA;  then you might or might not be a fun of a Football team, if you are what team do you like?

As EVERYONE should know, I am for The Florida Gators! And they ARE not to be confused with Florida State! And am for The Florida Gators, and NOBODY else! 
Is that a clear enough message for you??! Lol.
And so are my cats!

Thank you, goodbye.

Ragdoll Mommy~

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Our World Is a Litter Box, lol


A while ago, I was asked if I liked a hooded litter box ( the one with a lid), or the kind without a lid ( no lid litter box), for my cats. 

Very easy question; I like the hooded ones better! Why? Let me line up what I like and don't like about both of those boxes:

What do I like about the hooded litter boxes?

1: it helps with the awful smell.
2: I think Anya likes them better, because she is a little shy and probably feels a lot safer in them.
3: my cats like to watch each other in the litter box, and the hooded box seems to give them a little privacy, lol.... 
4: the lid of a hooded litter box, can make a nice seat for them, Lol. 
5: my cats don't bother Anya as much, while she's in the litter box; as Anya gets botherd a lot by Nico while she's in the litter box, but this way he can't bother her.
6: my cats don't throw litter everywhere as much;-)

What do I dislike about the  hooded litter boxes? 

1: they are a pain in the ass to clean!
2: you have to take off the lid every single time you wanna clean it. 
3: you have to regularly dust off the lid as it gets pretty dirty. 
4: if you like to use those litter box liners, ( the bags in the litter box), then the hooded litter box is a pain just for you, lol;-) 
5: the hooded litter boxes are more exspensive than the no hooded litter box; you can get a good hooded box for about $16 to $25 dollars. A no hooded box is about $7 to $10 or $12 dollars. 
6: when you move the litter box, ( to maybe clean around it), you're going to have to pick it up by the handle, which might snap or if the lid wasn't put on right, it might fall off, then litter goes everywhere! Making you have to clean even more! Ugh.

What do I like about the no hooded litter boxes? 

1: since they have no lid, it's easier to clean.
2: you have no lid to dust.
3: it's cheaper.
4: it's easier to clean out the whole litter box once a month. 
5: it's easier to move around. 
6: Star likes them better.

What do I dislike about the no hooded litter boxes?

1: they smell.
2: since their cheaper than the hooded litter boxes, you might have to replace them maybe once a year or so. 
3: my cats throw litter out of the no hooded litter boxes a lot! 
4: my cats will sometimes "miss the box", if you know what I mean;-( lol.
5: my cats will sometimes crap on the floor; Star is famous for that lol;-(
6: Star likes them, I wish she'd use a hooded one, but whatever. Lol;-) 

Ragdoll Mommy ( human), and Anya ( Ragdoll Cat). 
Nico. Yeah, that's his new hang-out, Lol.

I hope I answered all of your questions about what I think about litter boxes. 

Ragdoll Mommy~

Friday, December 27, 2013

A walk around the place


On Tuesday I took Anya for a walk on her harness and leash in the front and backyard. She was a little scared at first, but after a while she seemed to calm down a lot. She has been out on walks before, so this wasn't her first time. Tuesday was really nice out, I had on my gray jacket and a T-shirt under it, along with my favorite Lucky blue jeans; and yes, that's what they are called. Okay, the brand is called "Lucky Brand", I think. They make blue jeans for men and women, but their kinda expensive! 
I don't remember where I got mine from though, but I can tell you that I LOVE them!! 
Random question: what shoes were Ragdoll Mommy wearing? Duh, my favorite ones! I was wearing, my New Balance shoes. ( yeah, that's right. I don't know what the f*ck you wanna call them. Sporting shoes? Fitness shoes?  I don't f*ckin' know! Lol;-) But anyway, I looked great! Lol;-) 
Did I mention that my shoes are black? Well, now their a mixture of black and brown. Why? What do you think is the answer to this question? Nope, no dog sh*t. Yeah, we don't have a dog. But we have 22 acres of land! And of course that 22 acres does come with woods, so we took a walk in the woods. Which is why and how my shoes are now a mix of black and brown. Okay, we walked through mud, I know ew, right? And for those of you that are wondering, no I didn't take Anya or Nico with me into the woods for a walk, in fact they've never even been in our woods before. Those woods probably have foxes and hogs in them, which could kill them. So no way, was I gonna take them with me! Their Ragdolls and are declawed, ( I didn't do it), so I definitely didn't take them with me. Plus, I did see a snake in the woods before, which scared the living sh*t out of me; snakes scare me!! 

More tomorrow,


Ragdoll Mommy~

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tadpole Tuesday


Ps: Thank you guys for wishing Tadpole a Happy Birth Day, on 22th. 

Ragdoll Mommy~

Monday, December 23, 2013

Review Day:

Hi Everyone!

Today is another review day, so let's get to it; I got to review a very soft cat or dog blanket, it's white with little black paw prints on it.  The cats just love laying on it.
Here's Saphira laying on it. 
The little paw prints are so cute. Right?

Here's the blanket in 
Anya's bed. Note: the bed is not part of the review, I was just seeing how it would look in a bed.

You can fold it up into a pretty small shape. 

The blanket on top of another blanket, lol;-)

What did I like about the blanket?
1: soft.
2: fast shipping.
3: cats' loved it.
4: was a good size, not too big and not too small. Just right;-) 
5: light weight.
6: you can fold it into a small shape, if you needed to. 

What did I not like about this blanket?

Nothing here!

I give this blanket 5 stars.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Birth Day To One Really Cool Cat!!!!


Today Tadpole would have been 23 years old. (December 22th, 1990, to December 22th, 2013.) 
Happy Birth Day, to you! 

Okay, it's his's "made-up" date of birth. But who knows, I could very well have guessed it right! 

So, Happy Birth Day, Tadpole! Your mommy loves you with all her heart...... And I miss you just the same

Ragdoll Mommy x Tadpole~

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday with Nico and Anya

Hi Everyone,

Today's post will be pictures of Nico and Anya together at different times of the years. 

Baby Nico and Anya!  Aren't they just the cutest little f*ckers you've EVER seen?!?!    NOTE: Nico is on top, and Anya is under. 

I think they were both 3-year- olds in this photo! Or maybe they were only 4 years old? Eh, I don't remember, lol ;-) 

5-year- olds!

Which one of these photos is your favorite and why? 

Ragdoll Mommy & Nico & Anya~

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Monday, December 16, 2013

Review Day

Hi Everyone,

Today is a review day, for two awesome cat toys! Yay! 

They came from: PacificCatToys, and their shop is awesome; they have lots of cool cat toys for your kitty, they also have a blog about their own kitty; it's called Alice 101. Alice is their kitty. Her full name is Alice Marie, and I actually follow their blog, so I thought it was cool that I got to review a toy from them. They are very creative about what kind of cat toys they make; I myself have never seen cat toys like their's  before in stores or anything, so I thought they are really special toys. They have friendly customer service. 

Saphira LOVES the toys!  They are hand made. 

It was "love-at-first-sight", lol. 

Just so yo
u know, we got to review a strawberry and a mouse. 
This is a blurry picture of Saphira and the bag with the toys we got to review, as you can see she was trying to take it from my hand, lol.

She totally loves them. I call this her 
"Crazy-Cat-Style", I don't know why but I just do. 

It came nicely rapped.

Saphira going crazy with their new 

What did I like about the toys/their shop?
1: Hand made.
2: Nicely made.
3: Catnip inside.
4: Cats love them!
5: Makes cats go ape sh*t!! Lol;-)
6: Friendly customer service.
7: Fast shipping. 

What did I dislike about the toys?
1: Since Saphira is not declawed, she clawed the strawberry a lot and now it's fuzzy in some spots. 
2: Saphira ate the tail on the mouse, lol;-)

And that's it!

Saphira also ate the tag on the strawberry, I should have known better to cut the tag off. 

The poor "tail- less mousey" :-( 

Okay, it has half a tail;-) Ps: the other side of the mouse is gray. 

The strawberry with fuzzing. 

The mouse and strawberry. 

Love, Ragdoll Mommy~


Friday, December 13, 2013

Star + water = death!

A while back I gave Star and Saphira a bath, (because Saphira hadn't had once since 2012, and Star hasn't had one since 2009 or so.) 
how did they do? 


Not bad, meowed a lot.


I thought that  cat was gonna kill me!! 

She scratched me, she ripped a big hole in my shirt, she attacked me!

I am 100% surprised/grateful I am still alive!!!!! 

Ragdoll Mommy~

Thursday, December 12, 2013

We won an award!

We've won another award! 

We won it from Nissy, from Nerissa's Life. 

We have so many nice followers, it would be hard to give it to just one of you guys, so who ever follows Life With Ragdolls, please feel free to have it. 

Thanks Nerissa,

Ragdoll Mommy~

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ragdoll Mommy gets the flu:-( and kitties play Dr. (Doctor Kitties).

Hi Everyone,

Today I am sick with the flu. It's no fun, like at all. I keep sneezing, my eyes are VERY watery, my left bottom side of my jaw hurts, probably from the flu, also my left ear really hurts and I feel like I am deaf in it, my back hurts. So basically I feel like shit. Last nite, I fell asleep at 10:38 or so; then at about 12:30 to 12:48, I woke up; I woke because my jaw really hurt. So I get up out of bed, and go to the bathroom and get a washcloth and put it under cold water.( big mistake!), then go back to bed. However, that cold water on my jaw, just made everything worse! So I got outta bed again; go back to the bathroom, put my cold wet washcloth, under hot water; ah, that made my jaw a little better. NOTE: it's a good thing I am not a doctor, lol. 

The cats are taking good care of mommy, both Star and Saphira slept with me last nite! 

Note: Since I have the flu, there will be no pictures up today. As I am too lazy, and sick. 

No, kisses or hugs from Ragdoll Mommy, today. Unless you feel like getting the flu, lol. 


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Monday, December 9, 2013

Review Day:

Hi Everyone!

Today is another review day, we got five lovely hand-made cat toys! They are rings, made out of yarn and recycled plastic? Truth be told; they look like their made out of yarn and zip-ties (Plastic). The yarn that was used to make them is pretty and soft. The plastic is pretty high quality, and its orange. I was curious as to what was under the yarn on these rings, so I pulled back the yarn on it a bit. You can gently pull back the yarn on the ring, to see what's under it. 
This is one of the rings. 
I thought It was a good idea to 

use my hand/fingers to show you guys all of the cat toys. 
Saphira loves 'em!

Here is all five of them. Ps: the color is called Sunflower.

What did I like about them?
1: Nicely made.
2: Light wight.
3: Not loud while my cats play with them at nite.
4: Higher quality, then store-bought toys.
5: Soft.

What did I dislike about them?
1: My cats didn't really like them. (Saphira played with them for a while, but Star never had any interest in them). 
2: While I liked the way they were made, I thought they could have been made  a little heavier. 
3: Not what I thought they were. 

Over all I give them 3/4 stars. 

Ragdoll Mommy~