Friday, December 27, 2013

A walk around the place


On Tuesday I took Anya for a walk on her harness and leash in the front and backyard. She was a little scared at first, but after a while she seemed to calm down a lot. She has been out on walks before, so this wasn't her first time. Tuesday was really nice out, I had on my gray jacket and a T-shirt under it, along with my favorite Lucky blue jeans; and yes, that's what they are called. Okay, the brand is called "Lucky Brand", I think. They make blue jeans for men and women, but their kinda expensive! 
I don't remember where I got mine from though, but I can tell you that I LOVE them!! 
Random question: what shoes were Ragdoll Mommy wearing? Duh, my favorite ones! I was wearing, my New Balance shoes. ( yeah, that's right. I don't know what the f*ck you wanna call them. Sporting shoes? Fitness shoes?  I don't f*ckin' know! Lol;-) But anyway, I looked great! Lol;-) 
Did I mention that my shoes are black? Well, now their a mixture of black and brown. Why? What do you think is the answer to this question? Nope, no dog sh*t. Yeah, we don't have a dog. But we have 22 acres of land! And of course that 22 acres does come with woods, so we took a walk in the woods. Which is why and how my shoes are now a mix of black and brown. Okay, we walked through mud, I know ew, right? And for those of you that are wondering, no I didn't take Anya or Nico with me into the woods for a walk, in fact they've never even been in our woods before. Those woods probably have foxes and hogs in them, which could kill them. So no way, was I gonna take them with me! Their Ragdolls and are declawed, ( I didn't do it), so I definitely didn't take them with me. Plus, I did see a snake in the woods before, which scared the living sh*t out of me; snakes scare me!! 

More tomorrow,


Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. We would not like to see a snake either! Sounds life a fun walk! Lee and Phod

  2. We have LOTS of snakes here, but they're just rat snakes and are more scared of me than I am of them! Alice doesn't mind them either....she pats them!

  3. I live in the woods but mom won't let me out.

  4. Parece que vocês tiveram um tempo agradável para passear! Eu também detestaria encontrar uma cobra em meu caminho, é assustador!


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