Thursday, October 10, 2013

We've won an award!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi,Everyone! Today is Thankful Thursday! And we are thankful for a lot of things......But today is very special! Why??? Well you see my cat Star has won an award today!!!!
It is called The Oppositts Attract Award. And we were given this award by Leo from

And since  Star is a girl,We give this award to Kjelle Bus.

He is a very handsome male Birman cat! And we give this wonderful award to him!

And we give this award to one of our best friends Scylla. 

She is a shorthair cat.And Star being a long haired cat. That's why it's an Opposites.

Scylla is a wonderful girl! 


And  I give this award to Star's best friend Admiral!


Even though Admiral is not the opposite of Star. In my opinion that doesn't really matter because Admiral was and is a (And ALWAYS will) be a wonderful girl!!!!!! 

And now I give this award to Socks.

Please purr for Socks, he is not feeling well and he has Feline Leukemia! 
But he is a very sweet boy:-)

And now I give this award to Nola.Http://

And Nola is a dog. So I thought I'd  give it to her!

We hope everyone LOVED the awards!!!!

Love Star~


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