Monday, September 23, 2013

California mutts tags:Review!

Hi, everyone! It's a review day again! Yay! I got two very beautiful cat ID tags.They are for Nico&Anya. What did I like and dislike about them?
Like: I just love/loved the patterns!
I love the print!
I adore the fact that they had lots and lots of patterns and styles to chose from!
I highly recommend these tags!
I love how they are so smooth!
I love how they are kinda heavy but not too heavy, you know?

I didn't really like how they are so big.(But again I do have some big cats,but again they are Ragdolls.)
I didn't like how our phone number had to be on the front of the tags.
And that's about it! So I give these tags.... Five stars!

Go check them out at___________________
About these tags:
Nico's tag is black with little tiny red stars on it.And it is silver on the back of the tag.
Anya's tag is black in the background,and it has um.....It's kinda hard to explain the pattern.But it has like these blue prints on it....And I hate to say it but....I don't know what the pattern is called lol;-) But it okay,never mind here's some pics instead lol.And oh her's has silver on the back of it too.
Here they are when I got them.Nico's is on the left.And Anya's is on the right.
Here is Anya in her tag.See what I mean about the pattern? But hey it's darn right BEAUTIFUL!!
Here is Nico's tag.Isn't it just HANDSOME?! 
A better picture of Anya and her tag.
Sorry,Nico wasn't really paying attention lol.

Anyway: Go check them out at_________________

Love Ragdoll mommy&The babies~ 

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  1. It seems that Anya and Nico enjoyed your tags, my cats do not accept anything around his neck, and I am sorry, because I find beautiful.


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