Friday, November 1, 2013


Hi,Everyone! Today is Friday and we aren't doin' a whole lot today. But here's some pictures of my cats, and also the day after Halloween.
Hey there. Star here, I am just takin' my nap. Like a good girl.
Hey there, Saphira here; And I am just looking a little evil today LOL!
Hey there, Anya here; And I am just laying down on my back.(Being a Ragdoll).
Hey there, Lady here: And it's about time I get on this blog! ; And it's my little sister Anya that like's to take the whole blog to herself! LOL!
Hey there, Nico here; And I was just taking a walk a while ago. I kinda dragged my mom around the place LOL!
Hey there, Leo here; And I am secretly  In love with Anya, (What have you seen that Ragdoll? She is h-o-t.... That spells HOT! With a Capital H!!!). Or maybe that's just because I am not fixed.... LOL!

Love,Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. What lovely pics of you all lounging about. The tummy ones are very tempting for a stolen floofy kiss.

  2. Leo, você tem razão Anya é realmente Hot!
    Lady você é muito bonita também! Belas fotos.

  3. Looking good gang! I tried to do that thing you asked me to but I can't find you. If you like, try leaving a comment on and that might help me find you.

  4. Don't you want to just tickle Anya's belly!!!!?? So adorable!!


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