Thursday, November 7, 2013

I just proved you suckers wrong!!!!

Hi, Everyone!

Today will be about shy cats. Did you know that thousands of shy cats are put down every year? In by "put down" I mean euthanized! Why?

Because a lot of people feel that shy cats are unloving and abusive and are scardy cats. No, they are not. Would you give up your child/children because they were shy around other people? I would have hoped you didn't! Than why would you give up your shy cat? Your fur-baby? Huh? Oh because it's only a cat! Who cares? We can always get a nicer and more sociable one, of course! 

Anya is a very shy girl.... But do you think I would give up on her just because she is shy? 

The answer is absolutely no!! I will never ever ever, give up on Anya! 

My cats are my best of friends, they sleep in my bed, and they are always there for me! 

In this photo it proves that shy cats are loving!
How can you not call this love? 
Note: I apologize for my long nasty nails, I needed to cut them (I did)
This photo was taken on last Friday night. 
Another note: That big fluffy thing in the background would probably be Nico, lol!
This was taken a while ago. But how can you not call this love?

Anya and I proved you wrong!!!

Hugs, Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. I don't think of them as shy, just selective of who they like ;-)

  2. I'm totally with you! My Niko is a very shy boy. While Goro is very social and quickly becomes friends with visitors, Niko hides himself in the deepest, darkest spot. But I love his shyness because that's part of him and he is very a sweet baby. Your Anya sounds such a sweetheart :-) Love these pictures very much!

  3. Concordo com você! Algumas de minhas gatas são tímidas, mas são muito especiais para mim, elas exigem um pouco mais de paciência e amor!

  4. My precious Admiral was shy around others except her human brothers..but she was extremely loving to me. Treat a cat with love and you always always get love back.

  5. I wish Cinder was shy! He can be sooooo annoying! My sister had a very shy cat, we loved him and over the years he became a little less shy.
    Yes, the dogs have kongs and they love them!

  6. Sorry to confuse you, Cinder is Nin's real name . . .I never liked it so I rarely call him that!

  7. :) Great points you have there! Shy cat's are loveable too!!! Hugs, Francesca

  8. my Angel Bobo was a "shy" cat with everyone but me. I agree with the other person who said they aren't shy, they are "selective"


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