Monday, March 31, 2014

A Very Domesticated Animal (A.K.A ME!!) And Poor Saphira, plus a bonus.....

9:46 PM, Sunday 2014,

It started out with me having dinner (hours ago) then going to grab a coke, then sat down on the couch (6:30-ish ago), then to play Call Of Duty Ghosts (what? A girl like me likes a bit of video games occasionally;-) Then at 9:20-ish I went to go get our iPad so I could catch up on a few blogs I follow.  Then finally at about 9:46-ish, I hear this creepy ass weird noise outside; all 3 windows in the living room were opened, so I quickly go to shut them all. It made me jump like a 5 year old girl that I once was, lol. But boy did it scare me and Saphira.

Speaking of Saphira, she burned all 4 paws on the stove:-( 
We turned off the stove after dinner was made, but it was still hot and she didn't know that, so she jumped up on it and burned her paws; all 4 are red. She is not allowed on the stove/counter tops, (same goes for the other 3) but she got up there anyway and, well let's just say she now has some minor burns. I did rinse her paws in cold water (pain in my ass, but I got it done), then later I put neosporin on her burns. She should be okay, as she has gotten a hook in her paw before; by accident, in 2010? 
This crazy ass cat on Saturday watching a lizard outside the window in the bathroom.

The Florida Gators won on Saturday against Dayton. Yay! #Go Gators!

Remember Leo from October of 2013? Well, it turns out that a few weekends ago we found out that she was indeed pregnant (again). Just Saturday night or early Sunday morning, Leo had her babies. We have no idea where they are at, but we know that she indeed had them, as she looks about 5+ pounds lighter than she was before, lol.

Sunday we did some minor home improvements on the house; I.e, painting, sanding, and stuff like that.


Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. Oh, no, poor Saphira. I hope her paws will heal quickly!

  2. Oh poor Saphira, hope you heal quickly. We are never allowed anywhere near the stove :)

    Emma and Buster

  3. Espero que Saphira tenha uma boa recuperação.

  4. Oh no!! Poor Saphira! We hope you feel better soon, sweetie! All the best to you! :-) xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino <3

  5. Poor Saphira! That must hurt awful bad. Take care of those toesies!

  6. Oh sweet Saphira, we hope that your paws are feeling better and are all healed.

  7. Poor Saphira, hoping she is feeling better soon. Wonder where those kittens are


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