Friday, March 21, 2014

It's That Time Of Week Again--Review Day, Yay! :

Hi Everyone!

Today is another review day, yay! This time we got to review an awesome cat toy for Star and Saphira, how cool is that?! Now let's stop bragging and get blogging.

Go check them out Here!

So, my favorite thing about this toy is the fact that it's The Florida Gators's color. (Orange and Blue), which makes it all the better, 'cause I mean who doesn't love The Florida Gators? Well, I'm sure some people, but come on; you at least have to hate FSU, 'cause what Football team isn't  garnet and gold? And it's ugly! How can you be so uncreative, unoriginal, and down right ugly? C'mon, it's time you get your ass up n' start being creative! Get creative colors, like Orange and Blue. Go Gators!

Anyways, so this toy is off to a pretty darn good start, LOL!
The first Gator toy my cats have gotten.
Even Star-Uh-Doo (Star) likes it, as she can be a bit picky when it comes to toys--no offense Star!

Here's a bit about the toy:

If you would like more than one of these or a combination of toys from my store, Please convo me and I will put a reserved listing up for you with that amount of toys.

These cat toys are a design of mine. They are made of a very heavy fabric 
Called Velboa, it is a very short fake fur. Because the fur is short you don’t have to worry about your cat ingesting a lot of fur and getting sick. Cats love these, the triangle shape allows the cats to bat them all over the floor and the feather is just a bonus. These come with 6 grams of catnip (enough to fill it a couple of time), If 6gm is not enough for your kitty I also sell 28gm bags in my store. My cats will play with them until they are just soaking wet (they dry just fine). I have a couple of these that have been floating around the house for over 6 months and the cats still keep coming back to them because the catnip has not lost its scent. Your cats will absolutely love this toy so buy a couple. These come in many colors, Please let me choose one for you.

I have many cat toys listed in my store, I will combine shipping so please take a look at all of my cat toy line. I have some very different and fun toys to

Cats do love these toys! My cats love them a lot!! Just ask Star, Saphira, Nico, and Anya yourselves! 
And they come at a great price; just  $3 dollars. That's it. It does come with a small bag of organic catnip as well, what more could you ask for?!?!
Anya The Catnip Addict!!
Star absolutely LOVES this toy!!


*Not bad on the shipping

* Friendly costumer service

* Hand made

* Made with Organic catnip

* Strong

* Cats love 'em

* Florida Gator colors, baby!


* N.o.t.h.i.n.g!


Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. Those ARE great toys! It's always such a joy to see the cats go nuts over stuff -- that last picture of Star says it all. :)

  2. I think I'd like to play with them.

  3. Oh what fun pictures of them all! That is a wonderful and popular toy for sure!


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