Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy 9 Month Anniversary, Ragdoll Mommy!


Something just turned 9 months old today. Can you guess what that is??? Its.Its. Its Life with Ragdolls!!
How'd that happen so quickly?! No idea, but I'm glad I made it this far, after all that's one step closer to being 1 year old! I mean, yes I know that. Of course I knew that. 

Here's a bit of my progress:

Total page reviews: 28,813. But that should increase throughout the day.

Total amount of comments: 2192. But like I said; should increase throughtout the day.

Total Google Friend Connection buddies: 37. (With one blocked member; as he was an asshole,which is really 38 if you really wanna get technical;-)

Total published posts: 312. (Or 313, counting this one). 

And 11 subscribers, by the way. 

That really isn't bad, considering that I don't use any kind of social network; okay, fine I admit that I'm part of Bloglovin' , but really, just really, is that really a social network? And I was a part of Google+Plus, I guess my Gmail account created me a Google+Plus account when I opened my Gmail account; I never wanted my Google+Plus account, so I disabled it.
Anya with Nico's tail. 

So congratulations to ME!

Ragdoll Mommy~ 


  1. Happy 9 months to you! Keep up the great work; you're doing a fantastic job.

  2. Congratulations on 9 months! You will reach 1 year in no time!
    The picture is so cute :-)

  3. Happy Happy 9 month´s Blogoversary !!!
    Hope there will be many many moore :)

  4. cheers! here's to more anniversaries. keep up the good work.

    Emma and Buster

  5. HAPPY 9-MONTH ANNIVERSARY! Won't be long now before you're celebratin' your first blogoversary. Gonna be a big celebration, for sure.


  6. Happy 9 Month Anniversary, dear Ragdoll Mommy! This is so cool! Please keep on blogging! We LOVE your posts and beautiful pictures of your little beauties... :-) xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino

  7. Wow, whatttda great way to get comments--announce my blog's anniversary, lol. Thanks you guys, I look forward to celebrating my first year with ya' guys on July 14th!! ;-)

  8. Congrats on that and love seeing floofilicious Anya with Nico's sweet!

  9. Awww! Sweet Nico! Congrats on 9 months :)

  10. Congratulations on nine months of blogging! Here's to many, many more blogovesraries, our friend! :)


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