Thursday, April 3, 2014

Review Day:

Hey you guys!

Today is another review day! Yahoo! This time we got to review a cat toy from Purrfect Cat Toys, as some of you may remember that in September  of 2013, we also did a review from them; we reviewed 5 cat toys from Purrfect Cat Toys in September, this time however we reviewed just one. My cats really seem to like them, especially Star and Saphira, Nico and Anya like them too, but not as much as Star and Saphira do. These cat toys are some of my cats' favorites!
This cat toy is made from rabbit fur with no catnip inside; its not that my cats don't like catnip, its that Anya has a tendency to rip open cat toys with her bare teeth. So I decided we maybe shouldn't review a cat toy with catnip for her as that would definitely make her tear it to shreds! And of course the other 3 would want to play with the toy as well, but Miss Anya would have already beaten them to it, lol.
The fur from these toys is just too soft; it's fur is almost like Ragdoll cat fur which is incredibly soft as well. 

Here's a bit about the toy:

I only use fur from pre-worn fur coats for my toys. They are stuffed with cotton and catnip grown and processed in the United States. I have worked with a cat rescue for many years and know how cats behave, what is safe for them, and what they like to play with. Your cat will love these real fur toys! They have been tested by my resident experts on playing and hunting. These cat toys have been 100% cat tested and they all approve! Of course, the ones you buy will not be "pre-handled" by my cats.

Fur coats make me sad--I won't even wear fake fur because I think the only way fur is fashionable is when it is on the live animal it belongs to. That being said, I know that there are many pre-worn fur coats for sale out there and I decided to take something sad and turn it into a happy thing for cats. I buy pre-worn fur coats and recycle them to make cat toys out of them. Each coat means one less "fashion statement" in the world and makes lots of kitties happy.

My cats adore those dyed fur toys that are made in China, so I decided to use natural, un-dyed fur to make safe, made in America toys for my cats. They love them!! Your kitty will love them, too. 
Saphira takes
 a nap on my bed with their toy.
Saphira is too tired to play anymore!


* Fast shipping and friendly customer service

* Hand made

* Cats love 'em

* You can choose catnip or not

* Lots of kinds to choose from

*Strong and sturdy

* Good prices; only $4 dollars for this toy!!!!


* Nothing here!

I am 100% satisfied! You will be too!

Ragdoll Mommy~ 


  1. I don't like the idea that they had to kill a rabbit for this toy. I know, they have to kill rabbits to make cat food too, but still.... :-(

    1. The Esty shop owner doesn't kill rabbits to make cat toys; even he thinks that's sad, I agree with you and him. He only uses fur from pre-worn coats for his cat toys. So there is little to no damage being done to any animals in this toy/review, but yes I totally understand your point. I am against people wearing animal fur coats/killing animals. But we all have to eat.

  2. The photos of Saphira sleeping are so cute! It look like she's holding on to the toy so no one can get it! :-D xxx Roxy & Tigerlino


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