Monday, June 2, 2014

8 Things You Never Knew About Lying, and I'm Banned From a Website ForSomething I've never even done...

Are you a lier? Know someone that is? Are you referring to everyone? Because, admit it we've all lied, don't lie about it! Ahem, sorry I couldn't help it. This post is for you!

I'm going to admit that I lie (like everyone else), I've told white lies, evil lies, and cruel lies. I lie at least once a day, most are white lies. I can get away from 90% of all of the lies I've told. I've lied to everyone I know. Period. I've even lied to myself! No joke. I am not a evil or cruel person; its just life. You lie too. I've lied about what I'm thinking, what I think, what I need, what I want, how I'm really feeling/doing, etc. Don't get me wrong, those things listed above are not a way to get what I want, as that would be just evil. 

Here are 8 random facts about lying; and yes, they're not lies! Lol.

1: People start lying as early as age 4, though some of us are lying at 2!

2: The average person tells a lie once a day.

3: You can't tell someone is lying from their eyes; that's a lie! Lol.

4: So far no one has ever found a lie detector that actually works.

5: The average person has told 11 lies in one week.

6: On average men tell more lies than women, however I disagree.

7: You can't tell someone is actually lying when they're not making eye contact.

8: On average woman get away with lying better than men do, I can agree with that.

You might actually be banned from a website for something you didn't even do! I was apparently banned for "lies" that I never told! After all I've done for you. You selfish, useless asshole! I still have the asshole's email address, after finding out I've been banned, I reply with: "fuck you too then". Months later, they reply saying: "sorry, that was another person, would you like me to un-ban you now?" My turn: "I never wanted to join your stupid site anyway". That's what they get.

And remember, please don't lie too much and always tell the truth and white lies only please! Lies can actually break relationships, trust, and marriages!! Be careful.

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. We had no idea so much lying was going on! Or that someone could be banned from websites for lying, after all, people can bully other poeple on FB until someone commits suicide and THEY don't get banned. Weird world . . .

    1. I hope your life is worth more than Facebook. There are some dumb people in this world.

  2. Without the white lies, there would be an awful lot more hurt feelings ;-)

  3. Lamento que você tenha passado por esse aborrecimento.

  4. Wow, there's a whole lot more lying than we knew, apparently! :)

    Sorry you git banned from that site, but it sounds like you are okay with it, right?

    1. Sure, sure, I'm fine. Couldn't be better, though I do have access to it now, but whatever. Life goes on...

  5. My mom-person saw a TV show about lies not long ago , so she knew all the 8 facts about lying and that´s not a lie :)

  6. Spinky and I were reading your blog together tonight. Want us to take care of that webmaster for you? Lol , but it looks like you did a good job with them yourself.

    1. I think I scared the shit out of them enough, lol.


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