Monday, June 16, 2014

Who Has The Upper Hand Now? Revenge is Best Served Cold....

Disclaimer: may contain what some may call "vulgar" language. If you disprove of any of this, then I highly recommend that you leave and come back tomorrow or something, when I'm not angry. This is a warning and shouldn't be taken lightly--Ragdoll Mommy is pissed

Do you know what's happening to me out there? I'm getting MY pictures stolen by this bitch and bastard that have tried to tell me: "it helps to increase viewers to your blog". Yeah, right. You know what? My blog will be a year old next month on the 14th, and with 35,840 page reviews, which will likely increase over the month. Do I need help? Is that a real question? That's a flat out no. If I ever do need help with blogging in the future, then I know where to get it and it sure as hell wouldn't be from them. The picture below is the one they have stolen.
This is one of my favorites of Star and they've stolen it, and now they're telling me its ugly and I'm "vulgar". How can you call me vulgar, but still think I'm talented? I'm just Ragdoll Mommy, am just a regular girl--why all the fuss about me? Nobody gave a fuck before, all they did was doubt me. But not now. I'm not vulgar, I'm not mean nor cruel, they've started it and I'm the one to end it. I've tried being the better person and apologizing for calling them a prick (that's why I was called vulgar), how am I vulgar? What would you rather me call you a bitch, bastad, an asshole? I can keep going... So you think Star is ugly, I'm vulgar, and I'm snotty, yet talented??? Who the fuck do you think you are?! Seriously, I have said I'm sorry, and told them it was no big deal (though really it was), and all they have done was backlash at me. Internet people are horrible.  They didn't even credit me or my blog. Her and I are on a riot. Don't worry though, after all revenge is best served cold. I have a wonderful plan....**rubs hands together**. 
That's my kind of card.

Am I evil?

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. *sigh* No you are definitely not evil! It's the people who steal stuff who are evil! So sorry the weirdos on the internet did that to you! How did you find out?
    Take a breath. Plot something really good!

    1. Thanks for being so supportive! You guys are great friends! (Big hugs!) :)
      I don't remember how I found out, but I'm glad I did! Don't worry, I think I have gotten even with them.

  2. As great as the internet can be it's full of pitfalls and you have become a victim. Your language doesn't bother me. I don't use it much because of my crowd of followers (such as it is) has changed over the years but I sneak one in every now and then.
    You're doing fine.

    1. Like the comment above, thanks for the support! Finally, someone who understands!! I try not to use that kind of language, but when I do it can be nasty. ;-)

  3. No one can stop you from your freedom of expression. You tell them girl! That was a pretty crappy thing for them to do. Hopefully, they will stop but if not I think this is considered a copyright infringement. You can put the copyright logo after your pics and if they continue we can file a complaint.

  4. No, we don't think you're evil at all! It's terrible that these jerks have stolen your pictures and intellectual property, and we can understand why you would be upset. Especially when they act like they are acting. Hope your plan works out. :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you, lol. Hello, random people I don't know!


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