Thursday, September 4, 2014

Renato Looks Like Nico Did, and That's a Fact

Renato weighs 2lbs 7oz, of pure sweetness! He is so sweet, super loving, playful, friendly, and extremely affectionate. Renato came home with us on August 31th Sunday, 2014. He is everything I could want in a kitten....except he acts a lot like Nico once did. Nico loved to chase toys that I'd throw, so does Renato, Nico was very cuddly and loved to sleep very close to me, so does Renato, etc. He also looks a tad like Nico if you look at his eyes, (Nico's eyes were an ice blue, while Renato's eyes are more of a sapphire blue). Same thin body around the shoulders and hips, same shape of face and head, same look and feel of fur and tail, same long legs and massive paws, same loving temperament, both prefer women over men, etc! It is frightening the almost perfect resemblance. 
Evil baby Mr. Nico lol. All credits to his (and Anya's) former owner, for use of this photo. 
See? Isn't it just a little creepy how they look so alike, or is it just me imagining stuff? 

Renato just turned 3 months old on the first (was born 6/1/2014.) so I can't say how he'll look as an adult, but here is Nico as an adult. 

Nico last year in August. 


More info next week.

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. What a cutie-patootie Renato is.....! Congrats on finally getting him home! The pictures of him (& sweet Nico) are beautiful! :) <3


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