Thursday, October 9, 2014

Review Day: Purrdy Paws Cat Claw Covers


Today is the review for a few products from a company called Purrdy Paws, they sell cat claw covers, which is a wonderful alternative to declawing. Declawing is more than the removal of their claws; it is actually an amputation. Look at your fingers, do you see your first knuckle? (The one under your finger nails)  , well try living life without them, do you like to text? How about play video games? What about holding an object? Well when you declaw a cat not only do you "remove" their first knuckles but also all 10 bones/claws from their toes (front declaw) or 18 (front and back declaw), but also their "thumb", theirs is their dewclaw, which is the little claw on the inside of their front legs; very, very, very rarely a cat may have dewclaws on the inside of their hind legs, but this is very uncommon and many vets will remove them when they spay or neuter your cat.

There are countless humane ways to handle cats and their claws, that doesn't involve getting their claws/bones/paw pads cut, one of them is a product that is often called Softpaws or SoftClaws, both are incorrect terms, first Softpaws is a brand and SoftClaws is often what some vets sell. I know of at least 4 brands that sell cat claw covers, one is Softpaws (never used, but have heard good things about them), second is Kitty Claw Caps (used and highly recommend, I have only been able to find them at Petsmart or Amazon), third is CozyClaws (used and could recommend, I have actually been lucky enough to review these from the company and will post a review on them later this week or within the next week) , fourth is Purrdy Paws (used and would recommend) these are based on this review. 

I was lucky enough to review 5 different colors. Orange, sparkly silver with blue (due), pink and red (due for valentine's Day), glow-in-the-dark green, and red, white, and blue (due for Fourth of July, aka Saphira's birthday). They were also very nice and included a pet necklace for Lady Anya, and a travel size container of catnip for Saphira; 'cause you know we travel with her a lot and she needs her kitty crack, on the go, wherever we go, LOL). I picked these colors based on my cats's personalities. Note: I was sent these back in February before Nico's death, so I will add his personality when he was still alive, because one of these colors was for him. Renato will not be added in this, as I got these before I had Renato and before he was even born. 

Saphira is fun and out going, friendly, a devil in one's self, unpredictable, and loud. I chose her 4th of July colors. 

Anya is commonly known as Lady Anya by her fellow comrades. She likes to think she is the Boss here, but Star always puts her in her place. Anya is shy and more reserved, classy, sassy, and a bit smart assy! I chose Anya sparkly silver with blue colors. 

Nico was Anya's partner in crime, often these two would steal treats or human food when we weren't looking. Nico was often ornery, sweet, fun-loving, and extremely affectionate. I chose Nico orange. 

Star IS the Boss here. She is evil, ornery, sneaky, sly, mean, agressive, and loving. Well, to me at least. Star likes to tuck her front paws under her chest, I call this "cooped up". Her eyes glow a creepy orangey-yellow color at night. I chose her glow-in-the-dark green color, I wonder why?! Lol. 

I currently have one photo of Saphira wearing 4th of July:
The white blends in well, and the red was chewed off. 

All 5 colors/duos. 

Lady Anya's necklace and Saphira's catnip. 


• Fast shipping and good customer service
• Cats don't mind wearing them
• Easy to use
• Works well
• Lots of colors to choose from
• Good prices
• They included a necklace and catnip


• Kind of easy to chew off
• Some cats don't like wearing them
• If you don't clip your cat's claws before putting them on, in a few days to a week your cat's claws will come through the cap unnaturally
•Adhesive smelt bad and was hard to open
• Only 20 caps and 1 adhesive in 1 pack, but good for the price
• Comes off when cats walk sometimes; unless they were dried properly

3 out of 5 stars. 

Ragdoll Mommy~



  1. Great blog. Love these things!!!!

  2. Your choice of colors for each kitty sounds purrfect :-)


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