Friday, October 10, 2014

Review Day


Today (might I add first that I have quite a few reviews I need to wright, and I've been so caught up in stuff that I've had little to no time to comment on some fellow blog friends's blogs, and some of you are probably wondering if I have disappeared from interacting with you on your own blogs, which isn't true; the truth is now that summer is over I am not as busy, and two I recently downloaded IOS 8 (if you own an Apple product, then you should know what I'm talking about) I own an iPhone 4S (2011) and IOS 8 is a pain in my ass, so it hasn't been letting me comment as much anymore. :-( ).

Anyways, now that that is cleared up, let's go onto the review. 

I was lucky enough to review a super awesome cat toy for the fluff balls, it is a hand made, catnip, eye ball. Actually I reviewd two. If you think the fact that someone made an "eye ball" as a cat toy weird, think again, especially if you've been on Etsy; I own an account on there with a few followers, and 89% of my reviews come from there, I've searched through all of the varieties of cat toys on there and I've seen it all; including, but not limited to -- shit with corn in it (yummy), a bloody tampon (lollipop anyone?! I know Nico would of loved one of those, more likely a few of his own...)  have I scared you yet?! But if that's a no, then I've also seen a cat toy penis. I'm going to stop there.... Note: if I receive any nasty comments about stuff like that, your comment will gladly be ignored. Please keep that shit to yourselves, I don't know who is reading this as I type! 

Personal reminder! "That's what she said" jokes are always appreciated here! 
I want that available to the public! :D

Jumping onto that review now.....

Strange huh? :-) My cats adore these, especially Star and Renato. These eye balls come in multiple colors! I chose dark blue, even though my eyes are indeed not blue; they're green-ish blue. ;-) This eye ball was lost in the mail for 1-3 weeks, the shop owner was really sorry about this and found the package and even sent us a whole new eye ball for waiting so long! So I received two toys. 

 This one had a pinker string and was a bit darker in color. My cats preferred the one that was lost in the mail over the other one, but both are loved! 


• Cats love them
• Good prices
• Catnip inside
• Hand made
• Lots of colors to chose from
• Great customer services
• Fast shipping



Ragdoll Mommy~

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